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2011 catalog - 1

2 Y A S OFB ID NG QU LT B T 0 ER UL I A IY OA S 2 Y A S OFB ID NG QU LT B T 0 ER UL I A IY OA S C o nn B as rw le o t i 1 8 4C u t Cu R a 1 8 o nr l o d y b We t rnfr I 6 8 6 s Fak t L 2 9 o, w wco nn . m w . w lec r i o © c pr h 2 1 o yi t 0 1 g C o nn B as rw le o t i Y u A toi dC o nn D a r o r uh r e rw le e l z i e C o nn B as e evs rw le o t rs re i ter h t cag , l r h i to hn e ae g t adm d yt fi e n o i i is d f snh b as p r , p ci t n o t, at s e i ai s s f o c adpi s t nt ewto t n r e a a ym i u c i h n te S m p oo rp sn oi . o e h tga h i c tictl m y h wo t nl h aa g a so pi a s o o e u m n. h s e i ai q i e tT e p ci t n p f o c m aue e t aea poi e srm ns r p rx m t n adsb c t vr ne ai s n u j to ai c . o e a B a S fl C o nn e c ua e o t a y rw le no rg s e– i y u otk a o tr E uai o t ae B aes d ct n o S ft C us . a y o re e

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2011 catalog - 2

LIVE LIFE. LIVE CROWNLINE. To learn more about Crownline Models* download a Freo QR code App on your Smart Phone and then scan

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2011 catalog - 3

^t^wsisr- TWENTY YEARS. TWENTY YEARS... CROWNLINE' A[ Crownhne we began at the drawing board with a very simple concept, giving the customers what they want. Throughout the lest 20 years we have designed and produced high quality boats through customer Innovation.

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2011 catalog - 6


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2011 catalog - 7

Crownlme continuos lo sol the industry standards wilh new produci development. Today we remain a dominate lorce m every major boai'ou, market wilh the introductions of five now models over Lhe past cateen months ^ïfid three more to cúmplele ItW 2012 model year We attribute our success lo noi only our continually evolving innovations, but also Although Crownlme has our own in house design and engineering departments our best engineering team consists of our consumers. We bmk) boats to exceed consumer wants and needs by listening lo customer suggestions to improve your experience on the...

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2011 catalog - 9

Optasi! LENGTH StOí 09* »eo located uncter Opt»»al inainfcnûnm n« v*nyl ï*>ap »» caipet Passenger console with lockatJe giove compartment* Stainless steel beveiatre hcWei and grab OptonaJ black vinyl wrapped helm and Executive steering Sony upg* acted etereo port, detachable faceplate. Front auditory input. XMV Srrtue reedy In floor vented sk strage Embossed stainless steet * Siaink^s tteel vitnctahfeld ♦ Stainfess aeel cup holders. dash & viny4 gauge tray Shown with Super Sport bucket sraitr; and nundock

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2011 catalog - 10

Stainless atee! na» nepote öest in Ola&S etoiage under cockpit bench seel is Consentent vi^lk Ihiu provides easy access to the s un deck. svMTrt platfoim and cockpit. Optional black vinyl wrapped helm and Executive stealing Sony Upg»*dod St*t*o USBpoit. (MatiliiM* faœcJat* lient duxârtpy Input. XM/S»lut marfy Super Sport intonar with two flip-up bucket scats. Ironsom wflh ronKrvnWo Nloi cushion

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2011 catalog - 12

boot, qiack olecomect oocfcpfl carwea Sony Upgraded Stereo AM FM/CD pte>«r w/rea* (>Urft»L troni auxAary input XM/Sahre ready • StateMa tteeJ hardware EJU*CUI** eoad wood Standard Stape* Spon

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2011 catalog - 13

OVEfUU. LENGTH ÍACLÉC* ENTRY Rm>hQd shock assisted sundeck storage ^**t»iq *l(h oWpr atxinoaiH St crag* beneath. Shown wjfri opte*iat flf* up *TÍTI *e*tfc. Hnged ree* bench seal storage. Moonrock vinyl wrapiped helm and Execute solid wood Color matched stand up b*mini top. embr offered boot, quck disconnect hardware. retractable leg© & stainless steel tubtncj cockpit canvas Sony Upgraded Stereo AM/FM/CD player w/rear USB port detachable iac*> plate, front auxiliary input. XM/Sirlue ready * Starless steer hardware, cup holders, grab handles. & cuff plate * Anchor tope storage compartment...

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2011 catalog - 15

Enclosed head oompaitment features porcelain head with holding tank, dump pump. dtnk and custom counter top. wood cabinetry, light, electric * EÍuiery crura* - duKwudtic • Docking fcgMt - fully boot quKfc dtorxmtct A slntnlf an fcU#el lulwty Color matched stand up oockprt canvd* * Snep m cockpit carpet * Sony UwiKfed Stereo pM» hont «uxfttty input. steering wfced* U-wrap interior wth two Rip-up bucket scats and walk thru transom with frito ojr-b*ons

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2011 catalog - 16

Upgraded vinyl wrapped dash and gauge cluster with stain fcss steel bezets and woodgratn deah with Executive aohd wood steering wheel. Stainless steel cup holde* Conversation friendly Uwrep totertor with standard potable Enclosed head compartment with portable totfet. light, electrk: vent, sci een ed port* light, sink end faucet* Customer Driven, Value Ad • Cockpit wetbar • Color matched etend up boot, quttk disconnect hardware, retractable legs & stainless steel tul>ng cockpit canvas • Snap in cockpit caipet • Stainless elee) tarchiate. grab haixJes.4 stap boaiding ladder, putt up...

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2011 catalog - 17

OttftaiL LENGTH (>Oílabk* löWe «id vretbar compriment foatt#e» *ocdg*ain cabinet iy. el sutler «teel tcieeoed portigli!, «Jecüic vent and ei-ct/tf HUEJI ti*ed

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2011 catalog - 18

OAfUü. LENGTH Fotwàid cabin buJtfv*>d iKjuse* th© etereo controls, ebore potvet panel circuit breakers. AC O^ewed trunk stotiïge win TTie bendi aeoi *a*ity designated íT'-n to sKw atvây converte to a v*l&ï*in; sunbed * Duur Itflttvry M«ct> bmmtop errfcrwiered bOOt quick oHoorwwiCt • Portaba cocfcp* Ufcte AM/fM/t Xi pkiyvr w/reer USB port. oMKhdtie lace- ptete hoot amatar? «put -Start*»» lltd«wteWi ■: Inlcnor wrth tfciol transom cnlrywnys hflai cushion

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2011 catalog - 20

OíUn DGWN BROCE CUARAWt heim and Executive steering Enclosed head compartment wHh light. pOftabk- tentet open- ing port foghi, sink, shower and elect rte exhaust vent. three quarter position, or ail Sunbathing It also comes with etde companion panel with locking glove box oockpa canvas w/qulck disconnect hard- ware & retractable lege Batte* y charter - automatic DuaJ battery switch Push tit bowctoae-out door • Snap in cockpit carpet • Stainless stee* windshield * Stalnfc-ss àie^-l grab handles. holders, ski tow rail w/eye & four step boa* ding bdder • Swim platforms <hont & rear) w/soft...

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