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CATALOGUE 2021 - 1

CATALOGUE 2021 Validity from 01/12/2020 to 30/11/2021 BATTERY RELATED PRODUCTS BATTERY CHARGERS Voltage Guard HPOWER High power Standard or cer fied Ba ery monitor MOSFET ba ery isolators YPOWER 4 outputs ‐ fanless ‐ Bluetooth Medium power With Relays or CAN‐BUS Shore‐power units CONVERTERS DC‐DC converters MPPT regulators DC‐AC inverters ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS Manual or autom

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 2

HPOWER BATTERY CHARGERS Integrated CAN‐BUS 2.5’’ Touch-screen control panel DNV‐GL CERTIFIED MODELS Integrated colour touch-screen remote control panel and relays board Description Charger fault, low battery voltage, remote ON/OFF, output cable voltage drop compensation, analogue voltmeter and ammeter connection

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 3

BATTERY CHARGER Available from Mid 2021 Bluetooth Low Energy Integrated CAN‐BUS Accessories 2.5’’ Touch-screen control panel YPOWER BATTERY CHARGERS 12VDC range 12V/16A/3 banks — Fanless 24VDC range 24V/12A/3 banks — Fanless 24V/20A/3 banks — Fanless Plug & Play connec on Accessories 2.5’’ Touch-screen control panel (1) Temperature probe 2.8m Supplied with AC input and DC output connectors (except OE version)

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 4

YPOWER BATTERY CHARGERS WITH FACTORY OPTION BOARD (1) Relays or CAN‐BUS Relays board : low ba ery voltage and charger fault CAN‐BUS board : displays ba ery voltage, charger current, AC input voltage and frequency, etc.

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 5

YPOWER SHORE‐POWER UNITS 1 residual current circuit breaker 16A/30mA 2, 3 or 4 single pole breakers 10A Fanless 2.5’’ Touch-screen control panel Charger ON/OFF remote control CPS3 BATTERY CHARGERS (1) Description Accessories Temperature

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 6

YPOWER DC‐DC BATTERY CHARGERS Can be used as a converter Integrated CAN‐BUS 12V-12V DC-DC battery charger - Fanless 12V-24V DC-DC battery charger - Fanless 24V-24V DC-DC battery charger - Fanless 24V-12V DC-DC battery charger - Fanless 2.5’’ Touch-screen control panel Charger ON/OFF remote control YPOWER MPPT SOLAR CHARGE REGULATORS Integrated CAN‐BUS 12V MPPT regulator - Fanless 24V MPPT regulator - Fanless

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 7

OPTIONS FOR SHORE‐POWER UNITS AND BATTERY CHARGERS (1) HPOWER Remote touch‐screen control panel 2.5'' ON/OFF remote control Shore‐power DC‐DC Chargers External varistor for unstable AC Mains AC input connector WAGO WINSTA (**) DC output connector PHOENIX CONTACT (**) All YPOWER models except 12V/60A

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 8

3.5’’ TOUCH‐SCREEN BATTERY MONITOR 12, 24V and 48V (1) Allows to monitor ba ery or DC source flow Standard : 1 shunt + 1 dry contact NO/NC + 1 bank in voltage Op on : up to 2 extra shunts Battery monitor (screen + 1 shunt 300A) (1) 3‐voltage version available from Q1 2021 (current version 12 and 24V) VOLTAGE GUARD To protect your ba ery against :  Deep discharge  Overvoltage 

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 9

RCE ELECTRONIC BATTERY ISOLATORS (MOSFET) 12V & 24V — No voltage drop 200A/1 input - 3 outputs - IG Isolator kit (1) (2) Integrated ignition alternator terminal For DC source requiring a voltage reference to start DC‐DC CONVERTERS With integrated galvanic isola on and adjustable output voltage Can operate as a ba ery charger Parallel‐moun ng in order to increase available current Description

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 10

SOLO 230V/50Hz SINEWAVE INVERTERS Description 230V/60Hz or 115V/60Hz models upon request Remote control for SOLO 800, 1000 & 2000 VA ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS Isola on transformer with So start 115/230VAC by manual switching or automa c recogni on of the input network

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CATALOGUE 2021 - 11

CRISTEC GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE Clause 1: Object and Scope All orders imply that the buyer accepts without reserve and fully adheres to these general conditions of sale which take precedence over any document belonging to the buyer, and in particular over any general conditions of purchase. These general conditions of sale apply to all sales made by the company CRISTEC SAS, hereafter known as “CRISTEC”. Consequently, by placing an order, the client fully adheres to these general conditions of sale, unless special conditions have been granted to the buyer in writing by CRISTEC. All other...

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