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Cressi was founded, and still lives, just steps from the sea in Genoa. We breathe sea air in everything we do, and every one of our products is inspired by the incredible beauty of the waters we see before us. The only way to fight pollution in the sea is to be aware and active, first hand. Cressi decided to take some concrete actions CRESSI HEADQUARTERS IN GENOA SUPPLIED BY LIFEGATE ENERGY Cressi is proud to announce that its Genoa factory is operating with 100% renewable energy. Alternative and renewable energy sources are crucial for the environmental health of the world’s seas and for...

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CRESSI’S PACKAGING 02 We live by the sea, we work with the sea and we love the sea, so it’s our responsibility to give it care and respect. Our goal is to replace all plastic packaging with alternative sustainable solutions following our policy. In Cressi we have always focused on sustainability by orienting ourselves to the protection of the environment and especially of our seas. In 2019 our Headquarters has changed to Life Gate: Production and Offices are powered by renewable energy and today we can proudly say that our establishment is zero impact. We follow the sustainable direction on...

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SPEAR FISHING COLLECTION 2022 Join the Cressi Family History Territory Headquarters Net THE RIGHT THRUST FOR EVERYONE RELIABLE MARINE BLADES Knives Knives comparison table DESIGNED FOR BEST VISIBILITY The collection Sustainability World Championship Ambassadors Partners Warranty Policy After sale pricelist Our collections

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COMPUTER WATCHES APNEA COMPACT DEVICES Computers Computer watches accessories COMFY AND SAFE BREATHING FOR WEIGHTS FASTENING Belts Weights Net Bag RUBBER AND PNEUMATIC SPEARGUNS Rubber Speargun Pneumatic Speargun Comparison chart Pneumatic Spearguns Spare Parts Rubber Bands Guns Shaft Reels Speargun accessories BAGS & BACKPACKS EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTING Gun Bags Bags Backpacks CRESSI SPORTSWEAR OUR BEST CAMOUFLAGES NEOPRENE Wetsuits Size chart Accessories DIVE TORCHES HIGH PERFORMANCE LED LIGHT BRAND SUPPORT FOR SHOPS & EVENTS Shop Displays Totem Banners, flags & stickers

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Diving, Snorkeling and Water Sports are not 3%, 5% or 10% of our business. They are 100% of our business. We are focused only on water related sports. We have been doing this, in the bay of Portofino, since 1946 and this is what makes Cressi different. ANTONIO CRESSI & MARCO CRESSI WE USE & TEST OUR PRODUCTS OURSELVES OURSELVES OURSELVES OURSELVES OURSELVES OURSELVES

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Pinocchio Mask, which makes equalization possible. It is a major innovation in the early’50s. It is the most famous and most sold mask in the world’s history, and it is still included in the catalogue. Brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi start to handcraft the first masks and spearfishing guns. These are the origins of Cressi, the oldest scuba diving equipment company worldwide. Rondine Fins - Also in the field of fins, Cressi invented the model that has inspired all other manufacturers, the first floating model in the world. The first Cressi mask, The Sirena, was hand crafted in 1943. It...

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Jacques Mayol, the first man in the world to challenge the 100m barrier. He reached a depth of 105 meters. The episode has gone down in history, the record was obtained in the waters of the island of Elba in 1983. Apache Arbalète - Cressi produced a complete range of Arbalete spearguns to join the pneumatic guns, called the Apache, which very soon became the Champion speargun in the world. Cressi athlete Renzo Mazzarri wins the spearfishing world title in Italy. Cressi continues its international expansion and the products are by now distributed in over 90 countries world wide. Big Eyes was...

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LIGURIA. OUR LAND, OUR SEA It was to fish in the depths of Portofino and San Fruttuoso that, just before the Second World War, a group of friends thought of new equipment. Situated between the French border and Tuscany, Liguria is one of the smallest regions in Italy. The Italian riviera is reflected in the blue Mediterranean Sea, but is also surrounded by mountains that drop sheer into the sea. Vegetation forms the backdrop to some of the country’s most popular and well-known seaside resorts. The coasts are generally high, rocky, jagged, especially in the Riviera di Levante, while in the...

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“ I’M PROUD TO STILL MANUFACTURE IN ITALY OUR MOST STRATEGIC PRODUCTS.” ANTONIO CRESSI THE CRESSI HEADQUARTERS In 1989, the company was enlarged, moving it to Via Adamoli, along the Bisagno valley in Genoa. And then came the electronics department. Since 2008 we have created a research and development department for this sector and so we produce directly the many control instruments that are now used during diving. With 150 employees and seven branches, Cressi is a world leader in the production of diving equipment, innovation, and development with exports accounting for 80% of turnover....

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Our headquarters is based in Genoa, and we also have seven branches: USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, China, and Thailand. 70% of our products are made in Italy in our own factory, in Genoa. 10% of our products are made in our own production facility in Hungary and the remaining 20% is sourced from selected high-quality suppliers from Asia. 3 We have around 10,000 shops all over the world, and our products are sold in over 100 countries. CRESSI ITALY HEADQUARTERS Cressi Sub U.S.A. 3 Rosol Lane, Saddle Brook - NJ 07663 - USA Phone: (800) 338 9143 Phone: (201) 594 1450 Cressi Sub S.P.A....

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Headquarters Branches CRESSI MEXICO CRESSI BRASIL Cressiwater S.A.P.I De C.V. Central de Abastos, Carretera - Cancun-Aeropuerto km 17, Cancun Quintana Roo. C.P.77565 - Mexico, VAT NO.CRE161110812 Phone: +52 1 554 162-2052 Cressi Brasil COM. MAT. ESP. LTDA Avenida Padre Anchieta, 175 - Jordanópolis, São Bernardo do Campo SP, 09891-420 CNPJ: 35.112.958/0001-59 CRESSI THAILAND Cressi South East Asia Ltd 135/6-7 Moo 4 - Patak Road, Tambon Rawai Amphur Mueang, Phuket - Thailand 83130 Mobile: +66 (0) 643971234 CRESSI CHINA Cressi China Watersports Products Co.,Ltd No.8 Nanhe Road Kunshan City -...

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