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Catalogue 2018

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Guillaume Néry is a French free-diving champion, specialised in deep diving. With just one breath, he can dive to -125m below the water's surface. As a multiple world record holder and the double reigning world champion, Guillaume's goals go well beyond the simple realm of sport. With a perfect combination of aesthetics, performance, films and exploration, Guillaume practices his discipline like an art form, it has become his way of life. TO DIVE EVER DEEPER AND ALWAYS KEEP MY ENERGY LEVELS HIGH FOR MY PROJECTS, I ENDEAVOUR TO CULTIVATE MY PERSONAL UNIVERSE, MY WORLD IN WHICH I CAN DELVE TO...

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PR OFESSIONNAL FR EE-DIVER NAT IONAL R ECOR DS PR O FESSI O N N A L FREE- D I VER N AT I O N A L RECO RD S Many times Brazilian and South American record holder. But the most important thing for me is to be in contact with the water. It’s we’re I can be simply myself. Just me and my body in harmony with the ocean! In the ocean I feel free, I fell at home. Born in Mexico City, Hidrobiólogo, a scuba diver for 17 years , is also an AIDA International Judge, current apnea Mexican record holder in Freediving. He is an Athlete committed by overcoming the limits of the Mexican -Think Deep-....

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C RES S I HISTORY HISTORY 1930'S-1940'S 1938 Brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi start to handcraft the first masks and spearfishing guns. These are the origins of Cressi, the oldest scuba diving equipment company worldwide. 1943 The first Cressi mask, The Sirena, was hand crafted in 1943. It remained in the catalogue, with various updates, for more than 30 years. 1946 The Cressi company is officially founded in Genova, Italy. By the late 1940s, Cressi had in its catalogue a complete range of spearguns of varying lengths and strengths. The line included about a dozen separate models. 1947 Aro...

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HISTORY 1980'S 1980 Cressi's first subsiadiary is born in Nice, France. 1983 Galaxie regulators - The Cressi range of regulators was renewed with the introduction of the Galaxie range, three models suitable to cover every market segment, from beginners to professionals. The spearhead F1 model was fitted with an injection system that brought performance levels up to their maximum. 1987 Cressi athlete Renzo Mazzarri wins the spearfishing world title in Turkey. 1988 Equipe Jacket - The BC took on the form of a jacket and Cressi immediately presented a refined, strong model that was updated...

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C RES S I’S INTE R N ATI O N A L WA RR A N T Y PO L I C Y In accordance with Directive 1999/44 EC, Cressi guarantees its products against inherent and operating defects. To offer better service to its customers and consumers, and to affirm the efficiency and quality of its manufacturing processes, it has decided to extend the terms of the guarantee as follows: DIVE COMPUTERS Two (2) years from the date of purchase (for rental or teaching use: 12 months for operating defects and 24 months for inherent defects). Exceptions: Flooding caused by incorrect battery installation, LCD display in the...

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CARTESIO ALGORITHM FOR MANAGING TWO DIFFERENT HYPER-OXYGENATED MIXES DURING THE DIVE PHASE. GAS1 21-50% GAS2 21-99% This product can only be sold offline, it is not allowed to sell it online LONG-LIFE BATTERY_ ALGORITHM FOR MANAGING UNEXPECTED ASCENT UPGRADABLE BY USER_ COMPACT (PATENTED) ELECTRONIC MODULE. USER FRIENDLY MENU_ Cartesio has a diameter of only 48mm and a high contrast display of 35mm. It is a scuba diving/apnea watch-computer of extremely reduced dimensions. It is also an ideal watch for other underwater activities, thanks to the deactivation option of the ”dive" functions...

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ALGORITHM FOR MANAGING UNEXPECTED ASCENT UPGRADABLE BY USER_ COMPACT (PATENTED) ELECTRONIC MODULE. USER FRIENDLY MENU_ The GOA has a diameter of only 48mm and a high contrast display of 35mm. It is a scuba diving/apnea watch-computer of extremely reduced dimensions. It is also an ideal watch for other underwater activities, thanks to the deactivation option of the ”dive" functions that avoids unnecessary alarms ringing while you're snorkelling or swimming. The display is made of mineral glass and the case is heavy duty with steel buttons that have an underwater resistance of up to...

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NEWTON TITANIUM maGNIFiYIng N With a case diameter of just 48 mm, NewtonTitanium is a truly compact dive watch computer. It's also the ideal tool out of the water as well, thanks to the option to deactivate the Dive program to prevent needless alarms or consumption while snorkeling, swimming, or just everyday use. The face is mineral glass and the watch has a heavy-duty reinforced case for resistance in the water down to -150 m. Rubber strap with stainless steel buckle. TECHNICAL FEATURES - 12/24 clock with minutes and seconds - Calendar - Precision stopwatch - Second time setting - Alarm...

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DRAKE TITANIUM maGNIRYIng INCLUDED L_ _ drake provides a RECOMMENDED RECOVERY TIME (RRT) ALARM FOR FREE AND PRO PROGRAMS Drake is a revolutionary diving computer that not only gives information about deep diving, but with its special four programs it can also assist the diver in dynamic breath hold diving, static breath hold diving and underwater fishing. In fact, in its operating system the diver can choose between these four programs: The PRO program is particularly suitable for diving purists and extreme divers. It provides, among other information, the descent speed, ascent speed and...

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GIOTTO MADE IN ITALY BY ELETTRONICA TECHNICAL FEATURES - Dual-mixture CRESSI RGBM algorithm. New algorithm created through a collaboration between Cressi and Bruce Wienke based on the Haldane model, integrated with RGBM factors for safe decompression calculations in repetitive multi-day dives and with mixtures. - Software handles two different hyper-oxygenated mixtures, which can be selected during the dive. - Tissues: 9 saturation half-times ranging from 2.5 to 480 minutes. - "Dive" Program: Full processing of dive data, including decompression if applicable, for every dive performed with...

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