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CM 650

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COURSEMASTER AUTOPILOTS is designed especially for professional mariners aboard fishing boats, charter boats, ferries, tugs and other work boats - both light-displacement and heavy- It provides all the features you need to hold course in all sea conditions, including: • Large graphic display you can see at a glance • Easy knob control so you don't have to take your gloves off to alter course • Interfaces with GPS and plotters • Four sea state settings including working mode for trawling with nets • Automatic trim to keep course in cross winds and seas, weather helm and other offsets • Rudder angle indicator on graphic display • Rate gyro sensor option for more accurate steering and reduced rudder activity • Extensive range of drive options: hydraulic, mechanical rotary and solenoid. • Easy installation with the computer and Like all Coursemaster Autopilots, the reliability which has kept commercial vessels on course for more than 20 years. All are designed and built in Australia. 20 year reputation for superior service.

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Expanded Coursemaster Installation PANEL MOUNT HELM HANDHELD WHEEL STEERING RUDDER ANGLE COMPASS SENSOR SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS STEERING SYSTEM 'H'PES: hydraulic Mechanical. Solenoid POWER CONSUMPTION Stand:/: 300mAmps<g I2VDC Plot - g 20% duty Cycle Usmg standard -ydrauk Pun; HEAONG SENSORS: Courserrasier fjxgate compass. pk< off col INTERFACING NfEA 0! 63 ALARMS: OF course, .vschkeeping. system. MOUNTING: Bracket Mount MOTOR DRIVE: I SA cont 20A for 2 sees. MOUNTING: Honarta. vertical, inverted. CABLE: 9m 3 core shielded cable CABLE: 8m 5 core shielded cable. MOUNTING:...

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