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Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Walk-In Doors Fire-Rated Doors

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CATALOG INDEX I. WALK-IN COLD STORAGE Modular Walk-In Coolers & Freezers II. WALK-IN COOLER & FREEZER DOORS Walk-In Cooler & Freezer Doors Fire-Rated Cooler & Freezer Doors

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DESIGN Designed and created by Cospolich to meet the demand for large cold-storage spaces, our walk-in offers many advantages, even in situations that present installation and operational challenges. CONSTRUCTION In its construction, our walk-in continues the Cospolich reputation for strength and beauty. Heavy-duty marine-quality doors, latches, and hinges assure that "wear points" are minimized. Wall panels are reinforced with 4" foamed-in-place polyurethane, further supported by full perimeter molded dense urethane support system hardrails, and all is encased in stainless steel. Rugged...

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CURRENTLY INSTALLED ON: USS GERALD R. FORD CVN-78 LPD PROGRAM 19 - 27 OFFSHORE VESSELS VARIOUS YACHT PROJECTS UNIT INCLUDES: - 4" thick 2 lbs/cf density foamed-in-place polyurethane wall panels. - Mating surfaces of each panel is constructed of 9 lbs/cf male & female hard rail. - Close tolerance gasketless wall seams. - 304 Stainless steel exterior on exposed areas only(Door Side). Balance galvanized - 304 Stainless steel interior - Man trapped alarms - Vapor proof lighting - High wattage door heaters on both doors - Exterior mounted control panel w/LED type thermometer and lighted rocker...

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FEATURES ■ Available in any size ■ Stainless steel finish ■ Frame Heat ■ Polyurethane foam ■ Inside Safety Release WALK-IN COOLER DOORS WALK-IN FREEZER DOORS CONSTRUCTION Typical of all Cospolich Shipboard Cold Storage Doors is the stainless steel finish, which covers all exposed areas. The corrosion resistance and durability of stainless steel (type 304) provides the ultimate with regards door life. The inner structure of the door is enhanced through the use of steel, wood, and insulation. These are all bonded together resulting in a structuarlly sound and integral unit. The frame is...

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Bulk Opening Clear Opening Exterior Finish Door Swing Temperature of Interior Temperature of Exterior With or Without Sill Contact our engineers or your Cospolich Representative for recommendations on your a

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CONSTRUCTION Typical of the Cospolich standard for equipment, our Fire Rated Cold Storage Doors are worthy of the distinction of top quality. With consideration of the potential for hazards that the door system may be exposed to, it is necessary that our equipment not only meet, but exceed the National Code Standard. Performance testing has provided us with the distinction of being the only manufacturer with United States Coast Guard Approval for "A-60" Fire Rating of cold storage doors. Visit our website for other Cospolich products. While aesthetically appealing, our Fire Rated...

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Bulk Opening — X-3.S" — Clear Opening >< fp & FREEZER DOORS (FIRE RATED) 0—i r-i 3/4" Bulk Opening SIDE VIEW Ordering Information • Bulk Opening • Clear Opening • Exterior Finish • Door Swing • Temperature of Interior • Temperature of Exterior • Voltage Contact our engineers or your Cospolich Representative for recommendations on your application. NOTE: Inside door release is not operable when outside latch is padlocked. .625" TYPICAL CORNER RADIUS STL CUT DETAIL 1 STEEL PECK — ~ -/ >—' — — ■—«■ &

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