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CABINET CONSTRUCTION Exterior and interior of all standard cabinets, including front, sides, doors and louvered grill are constructed of heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel. Special attention was taken in engineering the doors of the Cospolich cabinet. The door unit was designed to withstand the continuous use and abuse that is common in all food service Resilient vinyl gaskets which are pre-formed in frames with welded comers, greatly inhibit bacterial growth and are easily Heaters, which are concealed under the thermal breaker strip around the door perimeter, prevent condensation. As an aid to installation, a foundation for securing the cabinet to the deck is an available option. Installation instructions and a manual are furnished with the unit. Positive latches with magnetic back-up are included on all standard cabinets to assure positive latching and sealing. Incorporated into the latch is a replaceable, keyed cylinder lock. Heavy duty, adjustable, chrome plated hinges are provided on all standard cabinets. Also available, at no extra cost, are 180 degrees self-closing, cam-lift hinges with stay-open feature at 93 Cabinet body and doors are insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane foam, providing for excellent rigidity and the best insulating properties in the industry. REFRIGERATION SYSTEM All components of the refrigeration system, with the exception of the evaporator, are bottom mounted on a heavy duty base frame behind a louvered grill which is easily removable without the use of tools. The condensing unit is mounted on a slide out rail for ease in cleaning and servicing. All evaporator coils are copper tube, and all AC voltage models have forced-air ventilation. The refrigerant flow is monitored by an expansion valve for effective cooling. A condensate evaporator is provided, thus eliminating the need for additional Temperature of the cabinet is factory adjusted, and the controls, along with off/on switch are located in the condensing unit area. Defrost cycles on specified low-temperature cabinets (ADS models} prevent the need for manual defrosting. Standard interior shelving consists of heavy-duty epoxy-coated steel wire with front rail. Each shelf is adjustable in one-i neh increments. Stainless steel shelving and brackets are also An optional service kit, including spare parts and installation instructions, is available for each model. This equipment is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for safety and sanitation and is built according to standards as set forth by the U.S. Public Health Service. THIS UNIT AVAILABLE IN OUR SPECIAL MODULAR CONSTRUCTION * Stainless steel interior and exterior (exposed) • Oversized refrigeration system • Anti-condensate door heaters • Heavy-duty chrome-plated • Door with adjustable alignment * E poxy coated ad j usta b I e shelving with front rail • Removable grill • Polyurethane insulation • Slide-out condensing unit • Resilient gaskets * Exterior dial thermometer • Automatic activated interior • Food files * Special dimensions • Special voltage and currents • All stainless steel exterior * Mil-Spec units * Heavy-duty adjustable legs * Spring closing hinges weight sensitive applications • Fresh and sea water cooled condensing units • Stainless steel adjustable shelving with front rail • Front venting

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