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WE UNITE   TRADITION WITH VISIONARY POWER. The SCHÜTZ Group was founded in 1958 by Udo Schütz and presently employs over 5,000 people at more than 50 locations worldwide. As a leading technology company, SCHÜTZ’s core competence lies in metal and plastic processing. At our headquarters in Selters and at the Siershahn factory we are committed to the development, production and sale of innovative products and patented manufacturing methods. Our strategy is to master the technologies we use ourselves in depth and down to the finest detail. The know-how we gain from the close integration of...

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COMPOSITE MATERIALS MADE OF HONEYCOMB STRUCTURES. In the COMPOSITES division, SCHÜTZ has been manufacturing lightweight materials since 1985. With CORMASTER, we have developed an innovative honeycomb material that offers outstanding material properties and uncompromising quality, as well as exceptional formability and processability. This makes CORMASTER the ideal solution for a broad range of uses and applications. It has been employed in the aviation industry for many years, where it is used for structural components and in cabin construction due to its high stability and durability...

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THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE MATERIAL YOU CAN DEPEND ON. CORMASTER honeycomb is made of NOMEX ® or KEVLAR® paper that is shaped in a hexagonal or hexagonal overexpanded configuration in a multi-stage process and is then reinforced with resin. The honeycomb parts can be easily processed by milling, forming or laminating, making them exceptionally versatile.

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CORMASTER CN1 PRODUCT FAMILY – THE HIGH-TECH MATERIAL MADE OF KEVLAR® N636 PAPER FOR SUPREME LIGHTNESS CORMASTER CN1 honeycombs are ideally suited for aerospace applications and all other areas where maximum performance combined with low weight are the main requirements. Excellent stability and rigidity combined with the lowest density make this material suitable for use in structural and sandwich applications. FEATURES & BENEFITS  Extremely high shear modulus, 1.5 to 3 times higher than NOMEX® honeycomb at the same density  Excellent compressive strength, 20% higher than NOMEX® honeycombs...

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WE GET  CORMASTER INTO EXCELLENT   SHAPE FOR YOU. In accordance with your exact individual specifications we shape CORMASTER honeycomb blocks using various certified processes, including milling and heat-shaping. You get the honeycombs in precisely the shape you need. SLICES Using horizontal saws, the CORMASTER blocks are cut into highly precise slices as thin as 1.5mm. MACHINED PARTS Modern 5-axis machining is used to shape the machined parts into the form you need, up to the maximum dimensions of 2,200mm x 6,500mm x 1,140mm. CNC-controlled machines ensure precise edges and holes, even on...

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BONDED COMPOSITE PARTS In order to be able to specifically adjust the properties of the honeycomb structure in different areas of a component, we can combine different types of honeycombs. For example, zones with overexpanded honeycombs allow flexible curvatures in otherwise rigid structures. FORMED PARTS We use in-house produced tools and special furnaces for cold and hot forming; we can produce moulded parts measuring up to 4,000mm x 2,500mm x 2,500mm.

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PERFECT SERVICE FROM A SINGLE SOURCE –  INCLUDING MODEL AND MOULD    CONSTRUCTION We offer our customers three-dimensional, autoclave-cured sandwich panels as well as the equipment required for the production of autoclave panels and formed parts. We manufacture all the necessary moulds for your products in our own model and mould-making department, based on the geometric data of the components you need. MODEL AND MOULD CONSTRUCTION 1 CNC MILLED MASTER MODEL – corresponds to the geometry of the panel surface NEGATIVE MOULD – is demoulded from the master model

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SANDWICH PANELS CORMASTER is combined with pre-impregnated fibre mats (pre-pregs) in a variety of different materials, which are bonded with the honeycomb core to form sandwich panels that are strong and robust enough to comply even with the exacting standards of the aviation industry. STABILISED HONEYCOMBS To obtain special characteristics, the honeycomb structures can be filled with a variety of different materials in a fully automatic process. AUTOCLAVE PANELS For the production and curing of fibre-plastic composites, we have a large-capacity autoclave measuring 6,500 mm x 2,500 mm x...

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YOUR PROJECT IS OUR PROJECT. The application potential for CORMASTER is almost unlimited. Tell us about your individual requirements and product specifications. Our experienced engineers will advise you and work with you to identify the ideal CORMASTER solution. We look forward to your project.

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04.18 | 1.000 | BAUCH & MÜLLER WERBEAGENTUR GMBH | CORZILIUS Email: Call Sales Support on: +44(0) 1480 415053 Do you have further questions about CORMASTER and its applications? We will be happy to help: +49 (0) 26 26/77-0 If you would like to learn more about our company and our products please contact: SCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KGaA Schützstraße 12 D-56242 Selters Phone +49 (0) 2626/77-0 Fax +49 (0) 2626/77-532

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