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Corex Honeycomb provides high quality aluminium honeycomb to industries worldwide and offers a wealth of expertise together with a global distribution network. MARINE Interior Panels and Partitions|Furniture|Ceiling and Flooring Panels|Hulls and Bulkheads|Doors Doors|Floors|Galley and Sanitary Modules|Energy Absorbers|Furniture |Walls |Dividing Panels CONSTRUCTION Building Facades|Ceiling and Flooring Panels|Clean Rooms|Furniture |Architecture INDUSTRIAL Heating|Ventilation|Flow Straightening (Air & Liquid)|Light Diffusers|Electromagnetic Shielding|Sacrificial Beds (Laser and Water jet)...

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A WORLD OF APPLICATIONS We are led by a customer-focused and professional team, committed to finding the perfect solution to your project. Our dedicated Engineering and Product Development Team and onsite production and testing facilities can fulfil your project needs. The two principal characteristics of aluminium honeycomb – high strength coupled with lightweight mass – make it suitable for a world of applications. Aluminium honeycomb is designed to sit between two skins to create a sandwich panel. In creating distance between these two skins and preventing them from moving a huge...

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RAIL Doors|Floors|Galley and Sanitary Modules|Energy Absorbers| Furniture|Walls |Dividing Panels Corex Honeycomb has been a trusted aluminium honeycomb provider to the composites industry for 30 years, with great experience in the European rail sector. When used in a bonded composite sandwich panel the high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance provide the perfect application for doors, floors, furniture, galley and sanitary modules (as shown) and interior panel partitions. Corex Honeycomb collaborated with TRB Lightweight Structures, providing the core material used to develop...

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MARINE Interior Panels and Partitions|Furniture|Ceiling and Flooring Panels|Hulls and Bulkheads|Doors The high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance of Corex aluminium honeycomb makes it the ideal material to be used when developing Marine applications, including the construction of doors, floors, wall partitions and furniture. Corex Honeycomb has been awarded the Wheelmark and United States Coastguard Certification. By complying with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 and Smoke and Toxicity Test to IMO Resolution MSC 61(67), our aluminium honeycomb...

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CONSTRUCTION Building Facades|Ceiling and Flooring Panels|Clean Rooms| Furniture|Architecture Corex Honeycomb is a renowned supplier of aluminium honeycomb within the construction industry. The characteristics of aluminium honeycomb make this the material of choice when manufacturing decorative or structural sandwich panels for building facades, ceilings, floors or clean rooms. Our extensive core expertise within the construction industry has been utilised alongside various projects worldwide. In a project with PSP UK, we provided the aluminium honeycomb used within the rainscreen system...

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INDUSTRIAL Heating|Ventilation|Flow Straightening (Air & Liquid)| Light Diffusers|Electromagnetic Shielding|Sacrificial Beds (Laser & Water jet) Aluminium honeycomb is suited for use in a range of specialised applications including flow straightening, shielding and sacrificial beds. Corex Honeycomb offers a material that does not significantly alter the weight of applied product, whilst adding strength and rigidity. Corex aluminium honeycomb is used in applications for straightening, directing and filtering air, liquid and lightflow. The open cell structure allows maximum flow with minimal...

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AUTOMOTIVE Motorsports|Commercial Vehicles|Military Vehicles|Impact Energy Absorbers Corex aluminium honeycomb is suitable for use in a variety of automotive applications including military vehicles, cars, buses, commercial vehicles, caravans and motorsports, including Formula 1and touring cars. Within this sector our aluminium honeycomb is applied to interior and body panels, spoilers, floor, chassis components, wings, diffusers and energy absorbers. Its lightweight capabilities and high strength reduces the vehicle weight and fuel consumption, which enhances performance whilst enabling...

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WIND TURBINES Rotor Blades|Turbine Cladding Clean and sustainable energy development is an area Corex Honeycomb passionately believes in. The composite technology employed in our aluminium honeycomb delivers a core material that combines high strength with low weight, highly desirable in the development of wind turbines, rotor blades and turbine core. Corex Honeycomb and TWI LTD worked together on an EU funded project to develop an ‘Embedded Early Failure Crack Detention Sensor’. Corex Honeycomb manufactured the rotor blade and TWI provided the sensor with the two sections being bonded...

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QUALITY STANDARDS Achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards in all we do, is an objective of paramount importance to Corex Honeycomb. To consistently achieve excellence we adhere to strict regulations and client requirements regarding quality, achieving total customer satisfaction at every level of our service. Corex Honeycomb's quality management system has been approved and certified to EN9100:2018 (AS9100 Rev D) standards. The company has also been granted the Wheelmark and United States Coastguard Certification. We are committed to continuously improving our quality...

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MANUFACTURING The aluminium honeycomb manufacturing process Corex aluminium honeycomb begins life as a roll of foil which is passed through a printer for adhesive lines to be printed on it. The foil is cut to size and stacked into piles using our stacking machine. These stacked sheets are pressed using a heated press to allow the adhesive to cure and bond the sheets of foil together to form a block of honeycomb which can be cut into slices. The thickness of the slices can be tailored to each customer's individual requirements. Finally, the honeycomb is expanded, which completes the...

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