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TM A DVA N C E D S TA I N L E S S • ENGINEERING • P R O D U C T C ATA L O G U E #36 second edition - includes New Swivelling Davits 2005 Range Cooney Marine International Limited Telford Way Kettering Northants NN16 8UN United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1536 484481 Fax: +44 (0) 1536 411580 e.mail: CONTINUE TO INDEX

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TM INDEX page 1 click on images to select product required #36 Cooney Marine has a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to alter any specification or design without notice. © Copyright Cooney Marine International Limited CLEATS AND FAIRLEADS LOCKER CRANES SUPERYACHT FITTINGS SERIES 7 DAVITS STAINLESS STEEL HINGES TRADITIONAL / ENCLOSED BASE DAVITS CUSTOM FITTINGS CANTILEVER DAVIT TELESCOPIC PASSERELLES SWIVELLING DAVIT EXTENDING CRANE PASSERELLES PRODUCT C ATA L O G U E HANDYLIFT OUTBOARD DAVIT New 2005 Range ISSUE: CMB/36 03/05 New 2005 Range CRANE PASSERELLES DAVIT...

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C L E AT S & FA I R L E A D S COONEY STAINLESS CLEATS & FAIRLEADS Cleats page 2 A A range of the highest quality cleats and fairleads manufactured in 316 stainless steel and polished to perfection. Available with backing plates and all necessary fastenings. C D ØM H E J L K Standard Fairlead B A N E C Corner Fairlead A D D C E N H K H M K L L J J CLEATS PART NUMBER A B C D E H J K L M CL-8INCH CL-10INCH CL-12INCH CL-12INCH-L CL-14INCH 203 254 304 304 355 115 152 203 203 255 30 47 47 55 55 17 25 25 35 35 38 46 46 46 50 32 50 50 50 75 M12 M16 M16 M16 M20 5 5 5 5 5 75 76 108 108 158 24 32 32...

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page 1 of 3 S U P E R YA C H T FITTINGS Fairlead / Cleat SY1002 Bollard Fairlead / Cleat in solid stainless steel M24 fixing page 3 A Roller Fairlead with bronze bearings H B Teardrop Fairlead with shaped supports in solid stainless steel C Large Staghorn Cleat with heavy gauge tubular supports / solid bar top and base plate Large Oval Cleat with parallel supports and base plate D Profile Cleat with solid bar top and shaped supports and base plate T E F G Cleat SY1001 Roller Fairlead SY1003 A A B E C F C H D D E T F G G B CLEAT PART NUMBER A B C D E F G T SY1001 304 60 100 25 6 127 380 M24...

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page 2 of 3 S U P E R YA C H T FITTINGS Teardrop Fairlead SY1004 Stag Horn Cleat SY1005 / SY1006 page 4 A A B F C C D D F H G E B G H E I T Large Oval Cleat SY1007 / SY1008 J Profile Cleat SY1009 / SY1010 / SY1011 C A A D C G H K J F B D E H G E F B TEARDROP FAIRLEAD PART NUMBER A B C D E F G H SY1004 160 110 50 10 5 22 M16 50 STAGHORN CLEAT PART NUMBER A B C D E F G H I J T SY1005 SY1006 419 304 179 134 75 60 10 10 10 10 60 43 136 94 80 65 20 140 280 203 M20 M20 LARGE OVAL CLEAT PART NUMBER A B C D E F G H J K SY1007 SY1008 535 405 325 276 86 86 58 58 75 75 200 150 50 50 100 100 M24 M24 5...

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page 1 of 2 S TA I N L E S S STEEL HINGES Type 1 Small Superior quality stainless steel hinges supplied with either holes or studs, traditional (180° opening) or flush (100° opening) pin style. Mirror polished and designed to compliment the finest quality yachts and powered craft. Type 2 Small L C A page 6 L C B A D B D HINGE NOTES Stud Length Information F Code H10 H25 H40 H60 CSK 10mm 25mm 40mm 60mm Countersunk holes (no studs) E E F Stud Length H10 H25 H40 H60 H* H* K K TRADITIONAL FOLDING STYLE Type 3 Large & Small ORDER INFORMATION Part Number / Stud Code J J L C Hinge style B 180°...

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page 2 of 2 S TA I N L E S S STEEL HINGES Type 1 Large Type 2 Large page C C B A B A D E F 7 L L D MA E M J J H* H* K K TYPE 1 LARGE PART NUMBER A B C D E F H* J K L M SSH001 65 100 30 35 40 15 see note 3 M6 130 35 TYPE 2 LARGE TM PART NUMBER A B C D E H* J K L M SSH002 65 100 100 35 40 see note 3 M6 200 35 INDEX

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CUSTOM FITTINGS Cooney Marine produce specialist stainless steel fittings. We can produce the following items (customer to provide specification): Bimini Frames Bow Plates Cleats Custom Brackets Exhaust Skin Fittings Fairleads Handrails Hawse Fairleads Ladders Lightmasts Pulpits and Pushpits Stemhead Rollers BIMINI FRAME page 8 BATTLESHIP CLEAT HAWSE FAIRLEAD We have over 30 years of experience in steel fabrication for marine use, architectural work is also undertaken. Please ask us for a quotation, not forgetting to supply your specification. STEMHEAD ROLLER TM INDEX

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Barracuda Passerelle 2.25 - 2.75m page 9 High Quality Hydraulic Passerelles with the following features: • 200-300 kg lift capacity at full extension • Automatic stanchions and lifelines • Optional radio control • Dinghy lifting eye fitted as standard • Stainless (316) and Teak* finish • 3 hydraulic ram sizes for various stern configurations • Suitable for any PWC within weight specification C TELESCOPIC PA S S E R E L L E S A * All teak used is from renewable sources. Y Z X B 570 950 1067 Ram L Ram Size & Mounting MODEL TM 645 Ram M 491 811 Ram S DESCRIPTION A B C LIFT BARRACUDA 2.25...

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EXTENDING CRANE PA S S E R E L L E Marlin Passerelle 2.2 - 3.0m page 10 Rotating Crane Passerelle with the following features: • 300 kg lift capacity at full extension • Pedestal or deck mounting • 2.2m extending to 3.0m • 185 degree rotation • Automatic stanchions and lifelines • Optional radio control • Dinghy lifting eye fitted as standard • Stainless (316) and Teak* finish • Suitable for any PWC up to 300kg EXTENDED A RETRACTED B C * All teak used is from renewable sources. 40° 15° ø 295 300 Pedestal E ø 254 200 Pedestal 435 314 342 Mounting Options Below Deck 200 / 300 MODEL TM...

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FEATURES Simpson Davits produce a complete range of fixed or folding gangways (passerelles), for boarding from quay or marina, or for use as steps or bathing ladders. Sizes vary from 2m (6ft) to 3.5m (10’6”) in length other sizes available to special order. They are manufactured in marine grade 316 stainless steel with teak treads or teak gratings. They are fitted with pontoon wheels and have removable stainless steel stanchions and lifelines and come with a swivelling deck socket. We can design and build custom gangways, which can be used as steps or bathing ladders. All we require are...

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