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table of contents 1 The Kropf Story 2 The Conolift Advantage 4 Yard Trailers 6 Self-propelled Trailers Highway Trailers Optional Equipment Sling Lifts Marine Mobile Lifts 16 Haulle Trailer Tugs 17 Boat Stands

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THE KROPF story “Conolift marine equipment continues to set the standard for boat handling and storage operations.” When asked to build a hydraulic decades, Conolift trailers have earned Along with its industry-leading line boat trailer in the early 1980s, Kropf a reputation for offering unmatched of Conolift equipment, Kropf Indus- Industrial founder Peter Kropf looked flexibility, ease of operation, and trial also offers steel tube floating durability. New trailer models were docks, floating breakwaters, industrial alized there was a better way to build introduced regularly, and the...

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The Conolift Advantage “Any one of our trailers can be configured to allow you to move powerboats, sail boats, and boats in cradles with the same trailer.” When you buy a Conolift hydraulic and safety in your operation. All of our trailer, you are not just buying hydraulic trailers feature the benefits decades of experience supplying that have built Conolift’s reputation as over 1,000 hard-working and reliable the industry’s leading hydraulic trailer trailers. You are also buying a truly brand, including an open frame that unique trailer design that offers you expands in width, substantial...

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Frame expands hydraulically in width Hydraulic winch straps - adjust for a range of beams - carry and block boats as low as possible - increased clearance for overhead obstacles Open frame design - simplifies loading and unloading boat - easy to place blocking and stands - Located between side frames - Tightened after boat is loaded - Eliminate handling cross beams or rigid gates On-board hydraulic system with engine and controls - major components mounted inside trailer frame - inspection panels for easy service and maintenance - Easily position pads to suit different boats Hydraulic...

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Yard Trailers Efficient, durable, and easy to use trailers that will provide exceptional value for decades. service in your yard, these rugged and them within inches of each other. durable trailers allow you to achieve Yard trailers feature robust and durable components, including solid operations while maximizing the use mining tires, Honda engines, and of your yard space. The expanding pilot operated lock valves on all lift frame width ensures you can carry KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT boats safely and yet still always store labor efficiencies through simplified Designed and built for...

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LOAD CAPACITY BOAT LENGTH YARD TRAILER DIMENSIONS SHIPPING WEIGHT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Hydraulic front dolly wheels Winch system Hydraulic fifth wheel gooseneck Radio remote control 4 or 6 arm hydraulic sailboat package KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT

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SELF-PROPELLED TRAILERS A shorter overall length and 180 degree front steering allows you to maximize your yard space. boat storage. That is why Conolift degree front wheel steering provides self-propelled trailers offer all the maximum maneuverability, while a standard Conolift features, along with sit-down operator’s station with pivoting seat ensures operator comfort and maximum visibility utilizing reliable Tier 3 or 4 engines KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT with digital displays and joystick. 180 self-contained drive and steer system, Space is money when it comes to while moving in any...

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LOAD CAPACITY BOAT LENGTH TRAVEL SPEED GRADE CAPABILITY SELF-PROPELLED TRAILER DIMENSIONS A OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Radio remote control Rear wheel assist for steep grades Rear wheel steering Hydraulically raised operator’s station Digital engine information display 4 or 6 arm hydraulic sailboat package KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT

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HIGHWAY Trailers The most versatile trailer on the market allows you to meet the unique transportation demands of your clients. you to safely and efficiently load, suspension, steel tie down rings, transport, and unload a boat without a spare tire and carrier, and pilot operated lock valves are standard on The Conolift advantages allow easy all trailers, while electric/hydraulic brakes and aluminum rims are KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT recommendations. Nitrogen ride retrieval, and ensure that each boat Conolift’s highway trailers allow

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HIGHWAY TRAILER DIMENSIONS BOAT LENGTH SHIPPING WEIGHT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Radio remote control Hydraulic fifth wheel gooseneck Air ride suspension Air/hydraulic brakes Stainless steel disc brakes Hydraulic front dolly wheels & winch Racking for multiple boats C E 4 or 6 am hydraulic sailboat package KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT NOTES: 1. WELDING: STEEL - CSA W47.1

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optional equipment We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, which is why we offer a wide range of optional equipment to ensure you are getting the trailer that will enhance your operations and bottom line. These options can be added to any Yard, Self-Propelled, or Highway trailer. • Wireless radio remote control with manual backup • Hydraulic sail arm package • Hydraulic goose neck • Rear pad equalizing system • Rolling cantilever pad system • Cradle L-arms to easily move cradles • Hot dipped galvanized frame, hubs, and components • Stainless steel hydraulic fittings • Air bunks...

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Wireless radio remote control with manual backup 4 or 6 arm hydraulic sailboat package Rolling keel bunk Sliding cantilever pad system Hydraulic goose neck Cradle L - arms to easily move cradles Expanding length frame Air bunks for moving catamarans KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT

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Sling Lifts The unique flexibility of a Conolift trailer frame with the added simplicity of slings. users the ability to easily launch, the ease of use of a straddle carrier, retrieve, and store both powerboats while avoiding the need for a costly lift well. Sling lifts offer lift in both sling system simplifies lifting boats, and unlike a conventional trailer, a adjustable in width to minimize the sling lift can place boats either into wasted storage space inherent in a cradles or on stands. For facilities KROPF INDUSTRIAL INC | CONOLIFT with a launch ramp, a sling lift offers and...

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