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2013 Connelly catalog - 2

It was 1965 when Pat Connelly started making exotic wood water skis. The skis he created changed the course of water ski history and was recently honored by the Water Ski Hall of Fame with an award of distinction. Connelly Skis has provided some of the best performing products to skiers and families for 48 years. Skis like the Hook, Comp, Shortline, HP and Concept were not only innovative but also way ahead of their time. Over the years we have perfected our products and processes while continuing to innovate ski designs, technology and processes. Passionate water skiers design, test and...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 3

Hands down the best 34 mph ski on the market is the Carbon V. A light density polyurethane resin core is wrapped with 70% carbon to give the ski a light fast feel on the water. The carbon provides stiffness that delivers unreal speed out of the turn. Six V-shaped steps are molded into the hull for more efficient water flow. The steps create less wetted surface area, which means a faster, freer ride on the water. A narrow tail lets the ski sit deep in the turns while a slightly wider tip provides surface area for a smooth non-critical turn. This ski is smooth and fast, exactly what...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 4

The Concept has stood the test of time because it works exceptionally well on the water. It is a unique combination of a high end dual concave tunnel design combined with a relatively soft and forgiving flex pattern. It skis so smooth and so awesome which is why so many thousands of skiers have fallen in love with this ski. Forgiving, smooth, consistent, performing at a high level every single set. The dual concave tunnel, which is a tunnel within a tunnel, helps the ski easily hold edge while crossing the wake. The nice big sweet spot and big round bevels make edge transition smooth and...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 5

The HP is simply the best performing traditional slalom ski on the market. Smooth and forgiving is exactly what you will get with this intermediate level ski with years of proven design poured into the mold. The shallow and narrow tunnel stabilizes the ski for just cruising the lake, and is deep enough to carve huge turns into the late afternoon. Well suited for all water conditions it will deliver pure enjoyment for the recreational skier. The versatility of the HP is second to nothing. The SP takes the best features in ski design from the Concept and alters the flex pattern for the...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 6

All new for 2013 is the ski built for FUN on the water! We threw the tool box at this one with everything that we have learned, proven and perfected over the forty eight years of Connelly Skis. The sidecut is wide in the tip and narrow in the tail. We added Hook grooves on each side of the tunnel, 6 V-shaped steps for a more efficient faster feel on the water and the most forgiving flex pattern ever created. All of these features in one ski provide an extremely easy and fun new ski to carve up the lake and throw a big spray. You decide how much to push it and the ski will deliver regardless...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 7

Connelly invented shaped water skis in 1996. Since then we have watched the market explode with our ideas and proven designs leading the way. The theory behind shaped skis is that the extra surface area can assist in the ease of use aspect, making deep water starts easier. The sidecut of the ski will help the ski turn, just put it on edge and the ski does the rest. The C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) delivers stable and straight starts again and again. Designed to ski at 28 mph or under, the low impact ski will let you ski longer into the glassy sunset. With all these great features we...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 8

The top shelf combo skis. A proven design that works for a combo and a slalom. The shape allows easy deep water starts and the soft comfortable front adjustable neoprene bindings hold your feet in good and snug. Metal fins are durable, making the Eclypse a smooth, easy and predictable ride. CONSTRUCTION Reinforced composite BINDING OPTION Front Adjustable with rear toe strap FIN Aluminum drop through CAYMAN The Cayman features a shaped design containing an abundance of surface area that makes learning to ski effortless, easy, and fun! Deep water starts are a breeze with this wide design...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 9

The Super Sport was engineered by downsizing our hugely successful Pilot slalom ski design. Specifically geared for younger and lighter skiers, the Super Sport’s feature a C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) providing stable deep water starts. The removable stabilizer bar gives the kids confidence and reassurance on their first pull. These ‘training wheels’ can be easily detached after they learn how to deep water start. Easy adjustable slide bindings fit a wide range of junior foot sizes. Start them young! Your job is easy with a pair of Cadet trainers. This set features a wider design with...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 10

New for 2013 is our touring board. The Arrow slices the water with its sleeker bow design. The water gets split rather than pushed like a race boat compared to a pleasure boat. The result is a more efficient flow through the water with more ease. Ultimately it is a faster ride. A recessed deck lowers the center of gravity. Light, fast, efficient is the Arrow. Available with a carbon paddle for the best value. It’s like walking on water. Paddle boarding is fun because it is easy to learn, no experience is needed and it can be a great core workout. Get out on the water with the durable epoxy...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 11

BINDINGS | STEALTH & TALON RTP BINDINGS | STEALTH & TALON STEALTH Fogman Bindings and Connelly Skis teamed up on this project to produce a hardshell binding on a releasable mono plate. This synergy collided a proven design with modern tech resulting in the ultimate binding system. The plate is fixed between two spring loaded release units (adjustable per skiers weight). In a fall the plate releases from either the front or the rear release block in any direction, the only system on the market to do so. Both feet stay together in the bindings. The bindings are full carbon fiber lowers with...

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2013 Connelly catalog - 12

The Sidewinder is a comfortable, performance minded binding that features our patented Hinge Tech. Flip the lever down and step into the binding effortlessly. Flip the lever up and you are secure in the binding with zero heel lift. This is the first and only step-in waterski binding at a value price. Molded in achilles pads hold your heel solidly in place. A lycra lined heel and toe hold your foot snug and secure. Simple as that-no strain, no stress. The Sidewinder is the best binding for the value you will ever find. The Stoker features a traditional wrap combining performance and ease of...

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