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2011 Connelly Catalog - 2

INTRO For 46 years Connelly has been creating water skis that perform and last. The quality and care that Pat Connelly put into every wood Hook in the early days is matched by the precision we use with today’s carbon skis. Over that time we have tested ideas, perfected processes and maintained quality. First with wood, then fiberglass, honeycomb and now pre-preg carbon graphite. Innovation comes from passion and striving to find an improvement that didn’t exist yesterday. Testing those ideas are long time employees and skiers who live for the perfect set, on the perfect ski, on perfect...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 3

Wade Williams Jamie Beauchesne is an amazing skier. Anybody who averages 3.5 at 41 ' off gets that undisputed title. One of the best in the world needs a product that matches his ability level. Introducing the Prophecy. Thanks to the mind of Jamie who truly understands ski shaping, technology and how the two interact. The Prophecy is a precise blend of 12 cuts of carbon and glass squeezed together for 670 seconds at 90 psi in a 175 degree mold with a 35 once shot of resin saturated into each layer. This produces a resin content by weight percentage that we know works and will stand the test...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 4

Ski bottom innovation has been stalled for too many years. We wanted a 34 mph ski that worked better for the skier than any of the old designs on the market. Stepping outside the box we started testing steps in the tunnel. Straight steps, angled steps, steps that rolled up the bevel, stopped short of the edge, 4 steps, 5 steps, etc. Our testing and performance on the water confirmed that 6 V shaped steps is far superior to any other design. These steps grace the edge- to-edge tunnel of the ski, which reduces drag and helps speed with less wetted surface area. The result is a smooth quiet...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 5

The FI has been dominating the tournament scene for years. It is known for its smooth and predictable performance. A stiffer tail delivers speed out of the turn that is unreal The speed through the turn is equally impressive. Moderately sharp fore body bevels work in conjunction with the large sweet spot to provide a smooth non-critical turn. There is no question that the ski will get you wide and early. Clean, smooth andfast, the Fl delivers on all points. A perfect blend of carbon graphite andfiberglass gives you light weight and durability that will outlast any carbon ski on the market....

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 6

The HP is simply the best traditional intermediate ski on the market. Smooth andforgiving is exactly what you will get with this ski with years ofproven design poured into the mold The shallow and narrow tunnel stabilizes the ski for just cruising the lake, and is shallow enough to carve huge turns into the late afternoon. Well suited for all water conditions it will deliver pure enjoyment for the recreational skier. The versatility of the HP is second to none. Construction: CA.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), fiberglass wrap, high glossPBT top, closed cellpolyurethane resin...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 7

The Big Daddy features all the surface area you could ever need with over 550 square inches! This ski was engineered for the super-sized guy in mind. The over 220 lb skier or the skier wantint easy starts will appreciate the extra surface area and a design that will let them cruise the lake in style. The wide tip and tail, combined with the C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) allows for effortless and stable deep water starts and a forgiving ride at speeds 28 mph and under. We are so confident that the big guy’s will love this ski that we back the Big Daddy with the Performance Guarantee....

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 8

The top shelf combo skis. A proven design that works for a combo and a slalom. The shape allows easy deep water starts and the soft comfortable front adjustable neoprene bindings hold your feet in good and snug. Metal fins are durable making the Eclypse a smooth, easy and predictable ride. Construction: Reinforced composite Binding Option: Fro e with rear toe strap Fin: Aluminum drop through The Cayman features shaped combo skis that each contain an abundance of surface area that makes learning to ski effortless, easy, andfun! Deep water starts are a breeze with this wide design based on...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 9


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2011 Connelly Catalog - 10

SUPER SPORT The Super Sport was engineered by downsizing our hugely successful Pilot slalom ski design. Specifically gearedfor younger and lighter skiers, the Super Sports feature C. T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) for stable deep water starts. The removable stabilizer bar gives the kids confidence and reassurance on their first pull. These 'training wheels' can be easily detached after they learn how to deep water start. Easy adjustable slide bindings fit a wide range of junior foot sizes. Construction: Reinforced composite Binding Option: Jr. Slide-Type Adjustable Fin: Glass filled nylon...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 11

Our jumpers have led the technology in design and materials for years. Our construction process is the key to our longevity and durability. Connelly jumpers have dominated the tournament scene and set more records than all others combined Hand built one at a time at our factory with a 90 degree bottom edge, back beveled top edge andpre-preg graphite panels with rocker that compliments the flex. Our stability, edge hold and durability are what all others strive for. Imitation is the sincerest form of Construction: Aircraft quality honeycomb aluminum core, pre-preg graphite top panels,...

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2011 Connelly Catalog - 12

Imagine complete and total comfort and hold with no pressure points. Complete control over your ski is the result with the Enzo which is designedfor the high end skier that demands stable control of their ski. The heel is reinforced with plastic heel cup for amazing lateral support. A new cut down heel design allows the skier to get back without too much tip lift on the ski. The addition of Hinge Tech makes heel hold down unlike any other binding. Never before has a high end binding provided unsurpassed heel hold down while still being easy to get in and out of. It is the first and only...

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