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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PLASTIVERNIS 180 GENERIC TYPE : GLOSSY OR SATIN WATER-BASED MARINE VARNISH TYPE : ALKYDE EMULSION DESCRIPTION: A new generation of environmentally-friendly marine paints, PLASTIVERNIS 180 is a waterbased marine varnish which can be applied onto older varnishes after sanding, or onto new or stripped wood, in at least six layers to give the varnish depth and guarantee optimal protection. This varnish is UV resistant. CLASSIFICATION: AFNOR NF T.36.005 - Family I - Class 4a PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Resin binder Density at 20°C Viscosity NF 4 at 20°C Solids: glossy satin Colour Finish : alkyd emulsion resin : 1.03 + 0.05 : 17 P + 3P : 39 + 2 % by weight / 36 + 2 % by volume : 43 + 2 % by weight / 39 by volume : Colourless after drying : Glossy or satin SURFACE PREPARATION: PLASTIVERNIS 180 must be applied to a clean and dry surface. On new wood : Sanding and dusting Existing varnish : Deglazing and dusting PLASTIVERNIS 180 can be applied on all existing varnishes without risk of soaking. VARNISH PREPARATION: Mix thoroughly before use. Note: the milky aspect of the product during the application phase is normal; PLASTIVERNIS 180 becomes translucent when dry (glass transition). APPLICATION: PLASTIVERNIS 180 can be applied readily by brush, roller or spray. Thinning : On new wood: 1st coat thinned with 5 to 10 % water (tap water) Following coats 5 % water maximum For a perfect finish, ginning between each coat is recommended (400 grade abrasive), (5 to 6 coats are necessary in aquatic environments) On existing varnishes: 2 coats thinned with 5 % water maximum Thinning percentages must be increased when using a spray. Drying time at 20°C : Surface dry : 1 hour 30 To touch : 4 hours Sandable and recoatable : 24 heures In the case of permanent immersion, wait until the product is completely dry (5 to 8 days depending on temperature et number of coats). Coverage : Theoretical : 13 m²/l Practical : depends on the quality of the wood and the application process (on aveerage 11 to 12 m²/l). Temperature range : mini 5°C - maxi 30°C Cleaning : Tap water or cleaning solvent if the product is dry. PACKING AND SHELF-LIFE: Available in: Shelf-life: 0.750 L, 2.5 L and 16 L. 18 months unopened and stored in a dry place. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Please refer to packaging. Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. V90727 This data sheet is aimed at informing our costumers about our products’ properties. These products are in accordance with the purpose they are intended for so far as they are applied in conformity with the rules outlined by SEPV & DTU in force when the work is being carried out. On account of the permanent evolution of techniques, it is up to our costumers to check with our company that the hereby data sheet has not been changed before starting work.

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