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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PLASTIFLEX 2000 GENERIC TYPE TYPE DESCRIPTION: : FINISH FOR INFLATABLES : ONE-PACK 100% POLYURETHANE PLASTIFLEX 2000 is a satin finish polyurethane resin-based paint that can be used to paint inflatable boats, cloths, covers, etc. CLASSIFICATION: AFNOR NF T.30.003 - Family I - Class 6a PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Resin binder Density at 20°C Viscosity NF 4 at 20°C Solids Flash point Colour Finish : Polyurethane elastomer : 1.05 at 0.95 + 0.05 depending on colour : 90" + 10" : 20 to 25% + 2% by weight depending on colour 16 + 2% by volume : < 21°C : Black, grey, red, white : Satin * The humidity contained in the tin may react with the product and lead so to an increase of consistency which will not exceed a doubling after 6 months of storage in the normal conditions of temperature and hygrometry. SURFACE PREPARATION: Clean the surface with freshwater before degreasing with FLEX CLEANER. If necessary, sand very lightly. Application on inflatable boat: INFLATE THE BOAT TO 80% OF ITS VOLUME BEFORE APPLYING. INFLATE FULLY BEFORE DRYING. PAINT PREPARATION: Mix thoroughly before use. APPLICATION: PLASTIFLEX 2000 applies readily by brush or spray. Two coats required on a prepared surface. Thinning : FLEX THINNER Drying time at 20°C : Surface dry : 30 minutes To touch : 6 hours To recoat : with the same product, min. 2 hours/ max. 24 hours Flexible : 48 hours Coverage : 6 m² per 0.750 litre pack Cleaning solvent : FLEX THINNER Temperature range : Min. 8°C - max. 30°C PACKING AND SHELF-LIFE: Available in: Shelf-life: 0.500 litres 18 months unopened and stored in a dry place. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Please refer to packaging. Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. V90727 This data sheet is aimed at informing our costumers about our products’ properties. These products are in accordance with the purpose they are intended for so far as they are applied in conformity with the rules outlined by SEPV & DTU in force when the work is being carried out. On account of the permanent evolution of techniques, it is up to our costumers to check with our company that the hereby data sheet has not been changed before starting work. SEPV - 2 Rue Henri ROL TANGUY— 91 180 ST GERMAIN LES ARPAJON - Tél. 01 69 88 13 10 - Fax. 01 60 84 04 81 -

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