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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET SPRAYABLE PLASTENDUIT N°6 GENERIC TYPE TYPE : COATED FINISH SPRAY : TWO-PACK EPOXY DESCRIPTION: SPRAYABLE PLASTENDUIT N°6 is a sandable epoxy coating capable of repairing surfaces thicknesses of up to 300 microns. CLASSIFICATION: AFNOR NF T.36.005 - Family IV - Class 3 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Density at 20°C Solids Flash point Colour Finish Mixing by en weight Mixing by volume Pot life : 1.64 + 0.05 : 89 + 3 % by weight / 77 + 3 % by volume : < 21°C : Grey : Satin : 1 part base + 1 part hardener : 100 parts base + 97 parts hardener : 2 hours at 20°C SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be clean and dry. The paint support must firstly be prepared with the appropritated primer : - POLYESTER : PRIMEPOX 99 S for osmosis treatment or PRIMEPOX 7030 - ALUMINIUM : PRIMEPOX 7030 The whole may then be com- STEEL : PRIMEPOX P49 pletely or locally covered by - COLD MOULDED WOOD : PRIMEPOX IN 18 or PRIMEPOX 99 S PLASTENDUIT N°3 - PLYWOOD : PRIMEPOX IN 18 or TV UNDERCOAT solely on the topsides. PAINT PREPARATION: Mix the base and the hardener separately before mixing together. In the case of thinning for spray application, add the EPOXY THINNER only after mixing the two componants. Let the mixture settle for 15 to 20 minutes before applying. APPLICATION: SPRAYABLE PLASTENDUIT N°6 can be applied with a knife or a ruler on small surfaces, or by spray after thinning for larger surfaces. Thinning : EPOXY THINNER : Knife and ruler: Ready-to-use Spray: approximately 20% thinner Recommended thickness per coat : Up to 500 microns wet (380 microns dry) Drying time at 20 °C : Ready for sanding: 24 hours Recoating: 24 hours on its own, or with our antifoulings products. Final polymerisation: 7 days Coverage : Depends on coat thickness Temperature range : mini 10°C - maxi 30°C PACKING AND SHELF-LIFE: Available in: Shelf life: Packs of 1 kg and 5 kg. 12 months unopened and stored in a dry place. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Please refer to packaging. Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. V90727 This data sheet is aimed at informing our costumers about our products’ properties. These products are in accordance with the purpose they are intended for so far as they are applied in conformity with the rules outlined by SEPV & DTU in force when the work is being carried out. On account of the permanent evolution of techniques, it is up to our costumers to check with our company that the hereby data sheet has not been changed before starting work. SEPV - 2 Rue Henri ROL TANGUY— 91 180 ST GERMAIN LES ARPAJON - Tél. 01 69 88 13 10 - Fax. 01 60 84 04 81 - www.plasticoque.com

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