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Vacuum Equipment: Infusion Station with resin trap Vacuum Infusion Station with Resin Trap A mobile vacuum station including a 30L vacuum resin-trap- configured specifically for ‘resin infusion’ processes. Single stage, air cooled, oil filled rotary vane vacuum pump system, with the following: Oil filled vacuum pump Vacuum levels down to 0.2 mbar absolute Oil mist separator with air exhaust filters, demisters and oil filter Inlet filter with paper element fitted, outlet connected to vacuum catch-pot. Fabricated steel vacuum catch-pot 375mm ID x 275mm High Suitable for use with 10 litre plastic buckets Aluminium lid with vacuum seal and clear window insert DOL start/stop with motor overload protection Mounted onto compact base frame with 2 x swivel/stop castors and 2 x fixed castors Infusion Station Options Single Phase Supply Option Larger (25 and 40³/hr) pumps can be specified for three phase or single phase supply Absolute Vacuum Gauge Digital display to provide readout of vacuum level from atmospheric pressure down to zero mbar Hours-Run Gauge Electronic counter to record the total pump use in hours Allows accurate planning of service intervals Machine Item/Option Vacuum Infusion Station 4m³/hr Vacuum Pump system 16m³/hr Vacuum Pump system 25m³/hr Vacuum Pump system 40m³/hr Vacuum Pump system 25m³/hr Vacuum Pump system 40m³/hr Vacuum Pump system Options Absolute vacuum readout Hours-Run Meter Part Number Single Phase Single Phase Three Phase Three Phase Single Phase Single Phase Vacuum pump Spares Kits Spares Kit- 4m³/hr Vacuum Pump system Spares Kit– 16m³/hr Vacuum Pump system Spares Kit– 25m³/hr Vacuum Pump system Spares Kit- 40m³/hr Vacuum Pump system Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate Saltash, Cornwall, UK, PL12 6AY +44(0)1752 849998 Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice: How to specify/order: To specify a configuration use the pump part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen. e.g. XV-0400-04-06-07 specifies a 40m³/hr Vacuum Pump with Hours-run gauge and Absolute Vacuum readout.

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