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Ancillary Equipment: Temperature Control Unit Water/Oil Temperature Control Unit Small, powerful temperature control unit. This unit can be used with water or oil operation and also in the leak-stopper mode. (required temperature) Actual temperature (effective temperature) Analog interfaces Features Include: • Automatic temperature control - difference between set and actual temperature activates an alarm. • Submersible seal-less pump manufactured from bronze. Pressure is indicated by a manometer. • Self-optimising temperature control unit with digital display of the set and actual temperature. With high precision regulation in 1/10° range; can be adjusted to read°Cor°F. • Automatic water refill. • Automatic mould drain. • Leak-stopper device - unit can be used in pressure or vacuum mode. No medium is lost on leaking tools, therefore ensuring continued • Lime scale free heat exchanger. • Long life expectancy due to corrosion free unit. • All components in contact with water are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel or bronze. • Heating switchable in stages^! • Safety devices: * The pre-warning indicates a low level. The unit continues to operate. If the level continues to drop, the unit switches off. * Level control for dry run protection. * Separate mechanical safety thermostat and electronic temperature limiter installed in the controller. * Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch. * Horn in case of failure. • All failures are visually indicated. Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate ^•COMPOSITE INTEGRATIONlfd

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Technical Data With Water Temperature range Temperature control Self-optimising, electronic microprocessor controller MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value. Automatic temperature monitoring. 9kW water operation 3kW oil operation Switchable at stages 3/6/9 kW None switchable 35kW at 90oC - see diagram Heating capacity Cooling capacity Pump capacity Content of units Connections Motor 0.75kW Pressure mode: Max. 4,5 bar / max. 75 l/min. Vacuum mode: Vacuum max. 8 mWS Min. 5 litres, max. 7 litres Medium: 1/2” BSP female thread Cooling water: 3/8” BSP male thread Inlet with...

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