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Mould Seals Mould Seals A comprehensive range of mould seals and ‘formers’ used in the mould-making process. The D section resin seal is available in three versions with varying levels of compressibility. This allows the majority of moulds to be built with a standard seal groove but still enables some flexibility in seal specification. Mould Seal 10 x 5 with Radius (12.5mm overall height) (RD-20-0009) Seal for use with small RTM applications– where standard ‘D’ seal is not applicable. D Section Mould Seal– White Inflatable (RD-20-0010) D section mould seal for use as a resin seal in RTM or ‘Light RTM’ moulds, to reduce seal drag when closing the mould where flanges are too steep for conventional seals. The seal is inflated or collapsed under vacuum using seal control unit XE-0400. D Section Mould Seal - Green (RD-20-0011) Harder more resilient version of standard D seal for use in high-pressure RTM applications. Lip Section Mould Seal - Blue (RD-20-0012) ‘Lip’ section vacuum seal for use as an outer vacuum seal in ‘Light RTM’ moulds. Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate Saltash, Cornwall, UK, PL12 6AY +44(0)1752 849998

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Mould Seals (continued) D Section Mould seal – Blue (RD-20-0013) Standard D section mould seal for use as a resin seal in the majority of Light RTM / RTM tooling. Note: this seal is also used during the mould construction to generate the correct seal groove) Small Lip Section Mould Seal - Blue (RD-20-0014) Similar section to standard Lip section seal RD-20-0012, but approx half size. Can be used for vacuum applications where small bend radii are required. Also used to retain mould-insert blocks under vacuum. Resin Runner Profile (RD-20-0016) Silicon section to provide correct resin-runner...

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