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Injection Equipment: Ciject™ Three Ciject™ Three: Pressure-vessel based non-mixing resin injection unit Designed specifically to allow different resin systems to be pre-mixed, degassed and injected without the need to clean and re-prime a pumping system. The machine is ideally suited to R&D and lab-scale processing. The injection unit consists of a pressure-vessel with a control system featuring the following: Pressure rated resin vessel Panel-mounted pressure regulator and gauge Mounted on supporting framework with wheels Input for remote vacuum pump with panel mounted vacuum gauge (to allow degassing of mixed resin inside the pressure vessel if necessary) Injection Unit Options Machine Item/Option Part Number Standard machine with a 10 litre 3 bar pressure vessel. Standard machine with a 7.5 litre 7 bar pressure vessel. Only available with the 7.5 litre option Pressure-vessel resin heating PID controlled electrical heating (to max 80 C) with digital control and readout. Outlet Pipe-work heating Outlet hose with PID control and insulation to allow the resin feed pipe to be easily replaced (Max temperature 125OC) Thermocouple readout Thermocouple readout unit (4 inputs) to allow external (in-mould etc) thermocouple sensors to be monitored. The pressure vessel mounted on a digital weighing platform to monitor weight loss during injection. Panel-mounted digital weight readout unit. Software for the Digital Weight Readout Digital weight readout Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice: How to specify/order: To specify a configuration use the pump part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen. e.g. XE-3000-01-03 specifies a Standard machine with 10 litre 3 bar pressure vessel and with Agitator. Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate Saltash, Cornwall, UK, PL12 6AY +44(0)1752 849998

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