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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 1

Injection equipment Ciject™One CIJECT™ One- RTM/VRTM Injection Machine A sophisticated machine with programmable functions and an extensive level of control options. The Ciject One features an unrivalled level of control with simplicity of operation. Features to include: Advanced seal technology prevents leaks without the need for lubrication Available with mix ratios to suit polyester/vinylester, epoxy or phenolic systems (see options list) Fully enclosed cabinet with full operator control Alarm monitored ‘Gel Timer’– indicates when flushing is required Storage area for hardener and solvent Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate Saltash, Cornwall, UK, PL12 6AY +44(0)1752 849998 Purpose designed resin and 316 Stainless Steel catalyst pumps for high reliability and simple maintenance Training and technical assistance available on request Unique pivoted pump mounting- allows easy access to entire pump assembly for maintenance. 110-240V Industrial PLC control with colour touch-screen operator display Accurate PID Electronic Pressure Control from -1 bar to 10 bar Programmable injection quantities and speeds 20 pre-settable programs Automatic mixing head mounted on adjustable boom Alarm monitored injection ‘Pause’ control– enables operator to safely stop/start during the injection process Low volume non pressurised mixing head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning Stainless steel resin drum platform optimised for easy loading of standard resin barrels In-line resin and catalyst filters to allow cleaning without removing loading hose from material

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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 2

Injection equipment Ciject™One (continued) CIJECT™ One– Machine Options Solvent Level Sensor Non Intrusive Solvent Level Sensor. Detects if level is insufficient for operation. Prevents start-up and warns operator if level is low. Catalyst/Hardener Monitoring System Unique system to monitor catalyst/hardener flow. Alarms to warn of catalyst/hardener over/under pressure with user adjustable setting to warn of irregular flow during recirculation or injection. Pre-Injection Vacuum level test facility In-mould pressure monitoring via sequenced injection valve operation. Automatically measures...

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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 3

Injection equipment Ciject™One (continued) High-Flow Head Option • Injection mix-head designed to optimise material flow • Robust actuated ball-valve recirculation valves High-Flow Hose Option For use to maximise machine output. Particularly useful when using higher viscosity resins. • Large bore resin inlet and feed hoses with suitable filter • Standard configuration for connection to IBC (other configurations available on request) Fixed Catalyst Tank • Rigidly mounted 10 litre catalyst tank (positioned on rear of machine cabinet) • Includes replaceable in-line filter • Provides gravity...

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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 4

Injection equipment Ciject™One (continued) • 240 volt flexible heated jacket with quick release buckles to heat 1000L Intermediate Bulk Container. • Switchable upper and lower heat zones (1000 watt each zone) • Performance: Water temperature with insulation lid 15 - 80°C in 56 hours Barrel Heater • 240 volt flexible jacket to heat 200 litres barrel to a maximum of 80°C. • Silicone insulated heating element with PU covered Polyamide cover. • IP 40 Protection and 5 metre connection cable. Conversion Kits To convert a machine originally configured for use with one resin system to work with...

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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 5

Injection equipment Ciject™One (continued) Machine Item/Option Part/option Number Polyester version Phenolic Version Ciject One Injection Machine OPTIONS Solvent Level Sensor Catalyst Monitor Hardener Monitor Pre-Injection Vacuum Test Inline PID Resin Heater Catalyst Return Isolation High Flow Head High Flow Hose Fixed Catalyst Tank Ciject One Spares Kits Polyester option 0.5% - 3.5% ratio range Epoxy option 100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range Epoxy option 100:25– 100:100 ratio range Phenolic option 1%-8% ratio range High Flow Injection Head option Automatic Injection Valve See Injection Valve...

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Ciject One Resin Injection Machine - 6

Injection equipment Ciject™One (continued) Unit 1 Burraton Road Saltash Parkway Industrial Estate COMPOSITE INTEGRATIONltd

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