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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 3

2 Marine navigation solutions p SERIES Marine navigation solutions Autopilot Marine Navigation Solutions Instruments nx3 SERIES p series Autopilot Admiral P3 X series Commander P2 ais Commander P2VS Mariner X2 12w g SERIES Mariner X2 GPS Compass 1001 Voyager X3 1440 1500 v series NX3 series M8, M12 AIS M series instruments V1C V2 V1T HR V5 V2 Joystick Handheld camera Wind weather ssrc monocular hv 100, 125, 150 G series binocular hv 260, 280 C series GPS compass monitors + tablets G2 Display G3 Display G1 G2, g2b CT10 The world of onboard navigation systems has evolved and ComNav is leading...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 4

4 p series | Autopilot Autopilot p SERIES p series | Autopilot Instruments 3 YEAR extended warranty NMEA 0183 NMEA 2000 Go to page 39 for full product specifications and comparisons AIS Camera v SERIES hv SERIES Intelligent Steering Technology (IST) ComNav’s P Series feature auto-learning technology – an innovative and adaptive software system that dynamically optimizes essential parameters for clear navigation through various external factors (i.e. speed, trim, drift, currents, tide, weather and wind effects). IST often results in seamless smooth navigation while also providing fuel...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 5

p series | Autopilot 6 p series | Autopilot Optimized for sail and power p SERIES Auto steering technology for small to mid-size vessels Instruments nx3 SERIES not available in North America Autopilot 1460 Follow Up (FFU), Joystick (NFU) and extra control stations. > Backlit LCD display with adjustable brightness for night viewing > to four stations optional Up analog rudder angle indicators > NMEA 0183 communication: accepts GPS navigation and outputs heading coming soon – Product innovation P1 B > uilt-in accelerometer: screen flips according to horizontal and vertical mounts > MEA 2000...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 6

p series | Autopilot 8 p series | Autopilot 2001 p SERIES Stay right on course when the going gets tough for high seas commercial and professionals Instruments nx3 SERIES Engineered for medium to high end vessels Autopilot Admiral P3 > PORT and STBD dodge keypads for collision avoidance > Crystal clear high contrast sunlight viewable colour or monochrome LCD > Multiple backlight levels for LCD and illuminated keypad for night viewing > Proportional rate control for gentle response at fast cruising speeds > Quick turn selections for continuous circle, u-turn and emergency MOB Williamson...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 7

NX3 Series | instruments 10 Autopilot p SERIES NX3 Series | instruments The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance. Explore. Dream. Discover the Universal NX3... Instruments nx3 SERIES ” AIS Camera c SERIES Marine monitors + Tablets hv SERIES Handheld camera Utilizing the most recent advances in multi-function display capability, combined with intuitive graphical menus, the ComNav NX3 Instruments offer boaters the utmost in precision performance. The ComNav NX3 Series is designed for sail, power and commercial boaters alike. The easy to install universal instruments provide...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 8

NX3 Series | sail-instruments NX3 Series | sail-instruments p SERIES Instruments nx3 SERIES NX3 30 Sail multi-functional, universally configurable Build your Own package Customize your universal instrument! Autopilot The instrument of choice for sailors 12 > Split screen, graphical trends, close hauled indicator, bar chart menus NX3 SAIL NX3 SAIL NX3 30 SAIL > Extremely accurate readings in even the slightest breeze NMEA 2000 Speed Log/Temp 2 YEAR extended warranty Depth NMEA 0183 Wind Transducer NMEA 2000 SSRC Rate Compass Triducer Speed/Depth/Temp OPTIONAL Speed Functions Boat Speed...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 9

NX3 Series | power-instruments NX3 Series | power-instruments Autopilot p SERIES Build your Own Pack Choose from a variety of transducers that suit your Needs! and then transmits it back through a single cable via the NMEA 2000 network. > Split screen graphical trends, bar chart menus > Multi-functional displays universally configurable Power Package The standalone Power Starter Package includes a NX3 colour > Built-in remote control feature display instrument, as well as a triducer for speed, depth and water temperature. Also included is the Solid State Rate Compass, and an optional G1...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 10

G Series | GPS compass 16 Autopilot p SERIES G Series | GPS compass Highly accurate attitude information as she precisely tracks like an arrow in all sea and weather conditions... Instruments nx3 SERIES ” AIS Camera v SERIES c SERIES Marine monitors + Tablets Pinpoint Heading and Positioning Accuracy The compass works by detecting GPS satellites in the visible sky and then uses this signal to compute positions within 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and headings within 0.5 degrees. To account for the standard error in all GPS data calculations, the compass also tracks a differential correction that...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 11

G Series | GPS compass G Series | GPS compass p SERIES Instruments nx3 SERIES G1 Compass IMO compliant, Wheelmark certified Autopilot World’s smallest GPS Compass 18 G2 DISPLAY System configuration Integrated gyro and axis sensors provide heading > during momentary signal loss W > ith 20 Hz position and heading update rates (10 Hz standard) D > GPS provides sub meter accuracy D > ifferential correction source options include SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) and RTCM SC-104 data Embedded technology g SERIES GPS Compass PLOTTER AUTOPILOT ECHO SOUNDER/SONAR AIS RADAR ComNav’s GPS Compasses utilizes...

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2012 ComNav Marine Electronics - 12

Autopilot Instruments nx3 SERIES The collision avoidance automatic identification system allowed me to clearly see the high speed vessel behind the island which was virtually undetected by radar in the difficult visible conditions... 2 YEAR extended warranty NMEA 0183 NMEA 2000 Inland MED Go to page 51 for full product specifications and comparisons AIS Camera v SERIES hv SERIES Class A and B Transceivers Class A transceivers are similar to the Class B variety, but are designed to fit commercial and professional vessels such as fishing vessels, workboats, passenger vessels and cargo ships....

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