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Cobalt Brochure - 80 Pages

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Cobalt Brochure

Catalog excerpts

The 2016 Benchmark Collection From the beginning, it was established that Cobalt would build boats to a higher standard, in pursuit of ultimate sorts of values. Refined simplicity. Elegant fun. Carefully controlled abandon. Our boats, we decided, would slip quietly into life’s best moments. And somewhere across the waves, it began to happen that way: every evening aboard became a teenaged Friday night, every sun-stippled Cobalt dawn the last day of school, the first morning of a summer that might never end.

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Cobalt Boats of Neodesha, Kansas To this day, Cobalt Boats anchor night after night in a tradition of rugged individualism, in the pride of people with extraordinary skills set among a small town’s uncompromising notion of what might be. We know these people, the neighbors who come every morning to build these boats. We know their grandparents and their grandkids, second and third generations of families crafting nearly five decades of Cobalts. These are rooted people, solid in a work ethic born on farms and ranches, people who understand at first hand the ways in which personal...

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What prove to be, in memory, the adventures of a lifetime. Who can say when first you heard? The multicolored minute when the open water spoke, and the dream began. Try now. To this day, can you report the moment? Can you reach back and listen again to that faint call, a sun-flecked whisper -- relentless as a mother’s summons -coming from just beyond the farthest thing a kid could ever hope to see. At Cobalt, we build boats that answer the call. It is a relationship like no other – owners and their boats. It is that first grip at the helm that releases a sense of assurance down the spine....

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Customer Inspired Innovation Swim Platform Functionality Cobalt’s swim platforms are large, welcoming and safe, suspended just above the waterline for easy use in all water-born activities. Oversized, polished stainless steel tubing wraps every platform to protect the boat when docking. Cobalt’s exclusive and patented swim step requires only two easy flips: down to use, back to stow. The swim step makes boarding your Cobalt a breeze, and provides a perfectly cool resting area. Illuminate the platform above or below the waterline with option choices to suit your desires. Industry Firsts and...

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Finely Detailed Interiors The technical word is “interface,” those sensory exchanges between boat and owner, those points of contact so fundamental to the enjoyment of a day on the water, so critical to the determination of a boat’s long-term value. Glance at any cockpit and witness the full effect of a Cobalt interior – straight, smooth, uniform, and very, very good looking. Better yet, cruise a Cobalt at first opportunity for some meaningful, memorable interfacing of your own. Start at the helm, where strength meets stylish strength. Rock-solid fiberglass substructure rides beneath...

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Exceptional Methods of Construction At Cobalt the hull means hand-work, with every layer rolled a by craftspeople who believe that yet one more careful pass just can’t hurt. And so the layers accumulate, eight altogether on the hull bottom and a full sixteen at the keel. Reinforced with Kevlar® and then strengthened again with Spraycore®, the hull’s structure hardens into the critical component of the legendary Cobalt ride The quality of the mold equals the quality of the finish, and so hand-waxing follows after every other part. Old finishes are reworked after every ten parts. No power...

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10-5-3 Transferable Warranty Ten Year Warranty Protection Hull & Deck Structure: Floors, stringers, bulkheads, motor mounts, transom, all deck and hull joints Five Year Warranty Protection Engine: Internally lubricated parts Stern Drive: Internally lubricated parts in upper and lower housings, stern drive control system: power steering pump, power steering cooler, TVM module, TVM cylinder, joystick Intermediate Housing: Shaft, U-joints, bearings Steering: Helm, rack, cable, pump, seals and gaskets Power Trim: Pump, cylinders, solenoids, switches, seals and gaskets Electrical: Alternator,...

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The Cobalt Gateway Series is the perfect introduction to Cobalt and a lifetime of memories on the water. For 2016 the series adds a complete restyle of the classic 23 footer in the CS3 – a contemporary design with a hint of retro. 14

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200 The standard seating configuration with an aft facing port lounge. Length Overall: 20’ 10’’ (6.35 m) • Beam: 8’ 6’’ (2.59 m) • Fuel Capacity: 40 gal. (151 L) • Dry Weight: 3500 lbs. (1588 kg) • Capacity: 11 persons Interior Cockpit Width: 89” (2.26 m) • Draft Drive Up: 24’’ (.61 m) • Draft Drive Down: 37’’ (.94 m )

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The optional “S” Sport seating interior configuration offers the port-side passenger a choice of facing forward or aft. Generous bow seating and the ease of a walk-thru transom complete the 200 interior. Shown in the Saddle interior color selection.

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Length Overall: 22’ 5’’ (6.83m) • Beam: 8’ 6’’ (2.59 m) • Fuel Capacity: 40 gal. (151 L) • Dry Weight: 3850 lbs. (1746 kg) • Capacity: 12 persons Interior Cockpit Width: 89’’ (2.26 m) • Draft Drive Up: 24’’ (.61 m) • Draft Drive Down: 36’’ (.92 m

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The 210 interior in the Terra Brown color selection. A full beam open floor cockpit layout with a starboard-side transom walk-thru and large bow area make provide ample space for the entire crew. Also shown: walk-thru carpet, stainless steel foot tread, and flip-down swim step.

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Length Overall: 22’ 10’’ (6.96 m) • Beam: 8’ 6’’ (2.59 m) • Fuel Capacity: 50 gal. (189 L) • Dry Weight: 3700 lbs. (1678 kg) • Capacity: 12 persons Interior Cockpit Width: 89” (2.26 m) • Draft Drive Up: 24’’ (.61 m) • Draft Drive Down: 37’’ (.94 m )

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