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CLEMENT - QUALITY FOR GENERATIONS TURNKEY SOLUTIONS Clement Systems offers you complete turnkey solutions from design through to manufacture and construction. Further services: concept and feasibility studies, marina design, marina construction and construction management, maintenance after installation and start-up. Apart from marina projects, our range of services also include the planning and construction of floating restaurants, churches, filling stations, bridges, roads etc. SPECIALIST Structural analyses, such as floating stabilities and loadbearing capacity checks are carried out in...

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Turnkey marinas With Clement Systems, we offer you the design and construction of turnkey marinas as a complete solution. Our floating structures are customized designed and constructed. Fitting your harbours with high-performance reinforced concrete pontoon systems and reinforced glass / carbon fibre and the appropriate marina equipment such as life-saving appliances, power columns, wastewater pump systems, bilge water abstraction systems, filling stations, fire-extinguishing equipment, mooring bollards etc. As requested or required specifically for the object in question, special fenders...

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Life on water becomes reality Where use determines the value, the highest specifications on material, quality and safety need to be met. We offer the floating base plate for or with superstructures. The floating building is supported as on land by rigid foundation beams. A special tying-down anchoring system makes this realisable with all water depths. We help with approval planning, navigation and police law licensing and waterway permits for Floating Villa - Abu Dhabi (top ) the floating structure and deliver a detailed design prepared at our company and testable structural analyses of...

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Walking across water Floating watercrossing, Horticultural Exhibition Schwerin (top) Our range is completed by wide, heavy floating water crossings or bridges, thus offering our client the widest range of options for coming closer to a life on the water. The heavy floating concrete foundations without hollow body achieve extremely high longevity with the security of unsinkability when conforming to the prescribed loads, and the greatest possible degree of floating stability. Floating bridges for pedestrians Floating Bridge, Dubai Floating watercrossing, Schwerin Floating Gardens, World...

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Protection for marinas • Floating breakwaters * Floating ice-breaking breakwaters With our floating breakwaters and our special design, Clement Systems builds the protection for your marina, resisting the greatest strains and guaranteeing calm waters within the marina. The breakwaters are calculated and built to conform to the requirements for a calm harbour. The wave height and length are the standard parameters for selecting the type of breakwater. Breakwaters can be built in different lengths, widths and heights. Our breakwaters can be used as traversable floating bridges. The...

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All our structures (docks, finger piers, access gangways and bridges) are made from 6005 AT5 marine quality aluminium and all nuts and bolts from stainless steel. A dock frame consists of 2 edge profiles connected to each other by crossbars and diagonals. The size of these components depends on the berthing and securing stresses taken into consideration. Once determined, these stresses are fed into a computer programme which calculates the required strength of the structures. This determines the types of edge profiles required and the number and cross-section of the crossbars and diagonals...

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The complete supply and waste disposal of vessels can be guaranteed with a floating filling station to refuel the boats with different fuels. Modern separation technology such as cohesion and grease separators guarantee the ecological disposal of waste and bilge water from the vessels. A combination of harbour master's office, small yacht and boat shop and snack bar with filling station also offer their services to visiting boats and other guests. The floating harbour centre may also include sanitary facilities, including showers, washing machines and rental lockers for surf...

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"Weight is our strength" - quays for luxury yachts up to a length of 185 m offer a high level of safety as a floating quay through their great weight and special construction, even with changing water levels. The great weight and robustness of the installations guarantees a high degree of comfort and safety with low maintenance costs. Their longevity and resilience make our structures suitable in both acidic and salty waters, as well in in those with high ice loads. • Floating megayacht berths

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innovative solutions for your individual needs Special, complicated floating structures and platforms, which are realized, are certified by DNV GL. Our company stands for highest standards in the complete range of planning and design services: - we develop a pioneering and innovative idea - we optimize shape and function - we guarantee high economics - we have long-standing experience and compe tence in the implementation of complex design tasks and their execution - DIN Standardization Committee (Standards agency for ship - and sea technology, working committee FA inland...

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Project Description Design and build of a VIP-Marina in front of the Emirates Palace Hotel with facilities for yachting and sailing. The marina provides 167 berths for various vessel sizes, ranging from 15 m to 90 m. In total, 70 concrete pontoons and breakwaters, partly with integrated wooden decking as well as 91 concrete fingers, partly with "integrated pile" with a total surface area of more than 8,000 m2 were installed.

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Project Description The pontoons and fingers of the three fishing harbours were manufactured in a size that allows the fishermen to work on them, for example for the repairing of nets. The harbours are not only used as fishery harbours, but also as commercial harbours for recreational fishermen. Moreover a platform for on- and off-loading was erected, which allows the fishermen to comfortably on- and off-load their goods, as this is also passable for small trucks. The project encompasses a total area of approximately 185,000 m2 and is designed for up to 500 fishery boats.

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