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Navy 2016

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ABOUT CLEEMANN History Since 1978, Cleemann Chair-Systems have been providing highly sophisticated, functional and extremely comfortable pilot chair systems to navys, coastguards, governmental cliants and shipbuilders all over the world. Being well-known for the high level of flexibility when designing an individual seat application, we have become established a leading company in the market. In order to react on individual requests from our customers we are now able to design customized seat solutions with a professional 3D software. Cleemann specialises in purpose built, ergonomic chair...

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NAUTIC STAR The Allrounder Proven by the german armed forces and tested at the test center of the german navy the Nautic Star represents it´s strongness on board of several navy crafts all around the world. The advanced shock damping system offers a perfect solution to minimize injuries resulting from heavy loads and vibrations on board. High ergonomical, professional helmsman chair in a brand-new design. Corresponds to the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. With just a few adjustments, it turns into a fully customized wheelhouse-chair that precisely meets every...

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OPERATOR STAR/IMO The special suspension of the Operator IMO is designed to compensate shocks and vibrations in high-speed crafts and naval-ships. Vertical vibrations and jolts are minimized by the chair´s low natural frequencies. Tested by GL according to HSC-IMO codex and approved by the German navy this chair offers the ultimate in operator comfort in performing your best all through your missions. OPERATOR N-04 The Flexible Multifunctional operator chair. Especially designed for naval applications where space is tight. This seat offers comfort, quality and flexibility in operator and...

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DOLPHIN COMPACT The Suitable Compact and space-saving seat for different applications on board. Due to its swivel mechanism in combination with the fold-away seat cushion the Dolphin Compact offers an ideal solution for close bridge cabs and operator rooms. OYSTER The Compact Foldable seat for wall fastening. A placesaving and convenient solution on board.

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NAUTIC STAR CREW The Nautic Star CREW is a suspended and certified modular seat concept originally designed for crew members on board of naval vessels and workboats. The seat offers safe, secure and comfortable seating at any time even in rough conditions. DECK RAIL ADVANTAGES OF A CLEEMANN DECK RAIL Low weight Easy to install Compact mounting height Heavy duty ball bearing system Comfortable control of the rail from sitting position Available in lengths up to 12 m

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PASSENGER SEAT The Voyager Crew-seat with storage-box Cleemann´s range of passenger seats have been designed in order to ensure the most comfortable and safe travelling on board. Certified by GL (12G/dynamic test) and equipped with fire-resistant components, our seats correspond to the highest standards of quality and safety. Deluxe twin seat DECK RAIL Our famous deckrails – made of a lightweight but strong combination of aluminium and stainless steel – offer a wide range of possibilities to increase the comfort and safety »on deck« of nearly every wheelhouse. They also allow movement of the...

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Commander M Commander XL Commander L Commander XXL Customizable operator seats for on- and offshore application. With fully integrated controls in the armrest the new operator seat Commander has specially been developed to meet the extreme needs and levels of comfort required on the new generation of vessels. The special armrest-consoles provide plentiful space for a number of steering controls and instruments. This permits relaxed manouvering without any loss of comfort and control. Lots of individual adjustment possibilities meet the strongest demands of ergonomics for the operator. The...

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