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Wire Rope Spooling (Reeling) Machine The spoolingmachine and diesel power pack Portabilityto caterfor onshoreand offshorewinch wire coilingwork,the wire rope spooleris a hydraulic-controlledonstantbacktensioningmachinebuiltspeciallyfor evencoiling/uncoiling c of wire rope. It has the followingfeatures: • Total portability.Suitablefor on-siteand offshoreenvironment. • Capableof spoolinga max.120-ton capacitycoil of wire rope. • Constantcontrolledback-tensionof up to 15 metric tons during pay in and pay out. • Transportablein 40 ft container,easy freight. • Lightweight.Total combinedweight less than 8Tons. • Portable,separateddiesel powered driven power-pack,rugged and versatile. • Used for the installationof new and old wire rope into winches or cranes. • Clamp on “claw” design eliminatingcommonlyused bulky shaft; easy latc

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Some Important Information on Wire Rope Spooling Our stateof the art spoolersdoes away with using traditionalmethodswhichare out dated. Technology has brought together an improved version to carry out coiling jobs which were once deemedimpossible. TraditionalmethodFig. A and B are outdatedand technically,no longerconsideredefficient methods. As the demand for larger size wire ropes increasinglybecoming popular, these methods are fast becomingobsolete. GUANHENG ’s fleetof spoolingmachineswerespeciallydesignedto improveon traditionalmethods. Fig. A Wire rope coil on a stand where “tension” is...

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Back tensioningis very importantwhen installinga wire rope onto a winch where a seriesof multiplelayer of wire rope coilingexists.If insufficientback tensioningis produced,the wire rope on the top layers of the drum will be prone to cuttinginto the under layers upon load application.This will resultin damagesto the wire rope. Wire under tension coiling Wire coilingwithouttensionwire rope sagging Owner’s winches Coiling a wire rope onto the drum or winch with constant back tensioning produces a coil package that is tight and evenly distributedwith little tolerance for side movement acting on...

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Cross Sectional View Wire rope is coiled onto the winch without As load is applied to the wire rope (red), it forces sufficient tension. Resulting in loosely downwards and penetrates "cut in" the lower packed layers of wire rope and weak under layers. layers. These layers form weak foundation This evidently causes crushing, severe abrasion and and support allowing top layers to "cut in" mechanical damage. Severe conditions will render when load is applied. Uneven coiling can the winch incapacitated and wire rope need to be also be evident here. professionally removed or cut free. Cross...

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Coilinga wire rope onto a winchwith constantback tensioningproducesa coil that is evenly coiledand tightlypacked. As thereis a significantreductionin gaps, a strongunderlayer actingas a solidfoundationis evident. This wouldsignificantlyreducethe “cut in” when load applied. As the wire rope was spooledin under constantback tension,the winch is ready for use and the need for pre-tensionin the fieldsare done away with savingtime and man hours. As a front-end tension is applied, the coiled wire rope will retain its position on the drum allowingfor even,damage-freeremovalof the wire rope....

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On site imagesof perfectlycoiledwire rope with constantback tensioning …. GUANHENG ’s fleet of spooling machines are designed to produce up to 15-tons (machine dependant) of constant back-tensioning during the spooling operations. This back-tensioning is hydraulically controlled and can be consistentlymaintained throughoutthe spooling/coiling job

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