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Alpha Series - 4

Innovation 140 Years in the Making Cheoy Lee is one of the world’s oldest builders. This family owned yard has been in continuous operation since 1870. From its founding, the Lo family has sent more than 5,000 vessels to sea in commercial and recreational service. Innovation is a hallmark of Cheoy Lee from its earliest days with steam powered boats in Shanghai to fast, cargo vessels built in Hong Kong in the 1930s. In the 1950s, Cheoy Lee produced exquisite teak sailing and motor yachts to the designs of the world’s top Western designers — many are still in service today. The 1960s heralded...

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Alpha Series - 5

The innovations in the Alpha 76 Express are part of Cheoy Lee’s DNA. From beautiful ketches to high-speed patrol boats and passenger ferries, Cheoy Lee understands fast passage making. From large yachts designed by Hargrave, Fexas, Mulder and Ron Holland to powerful tugs and deep sea supply vessels, Cheoy Lee embraces its responsibility for reliability on the open ocean. Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change,improvement and progress. —Ted Levitt

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Alpha Series - 7

Designed to Deliver the Good Life If the goal is to avoid compromise, this is a yacht that delivers the goods. While many sport yachts deliver speed at the expense of a bullet-like superstructure and a foredeck that’s uninhabitable underway, the bow of the Alpha 76 welcomes company. The Michael Peter’s designed hull is not only fast - he designs race boats after all—but it is remarkably dry. The bow lifts quickly and its shape ushers the sea and spray aft and away. You would expect a sport boat to offer sun pads forward, but the Alpha 76 will spoil you with full-size seating for your entire...

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Alpha Series - 13

Tomorrow’s Technology Today There is no doubt we’ve entered the smart era: Smart cars, smart phones, smart appliances and now, smart glass. Today, it’s all about user interface and complex “context-aware” environments. You can think of it simply as multitasking products that respond to a human need. And after all, that’s the basic core philosophy of the Alpha 76 Express—the response to a core need for fun and freedom on the water. Take the expanses of glass on the superstructure and hull sides. For the past decade, yacht design has been all about the windows, and bigger is better. A 360°...

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Alpha Series - 14

glass windows, heavy curtains or double walled blinds, all of which run counter to tinted to reflect sunlight and heat and from clear to opaque to bring privacy—or a modern sport yacht. both at once. Cheoy Lee is out in front with the latest generation of Smart Glass ... The Alpha 76 places emphasis and thought in every detail. From the versatile glass that darkens like sunglasses and becomes opaque for privacy at the touch of indoor-outdoor bar cabinet to dimmable LED lighting, from the serviceable engine a button. This is cutting edge technology now embraced by sophisticated luxury room...

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Alpha Series - 15

Style That Works You have heard it said that “form follows function”, yet that which is merely functional will hardly indulge your senses. For designer Luiz de Basto, creating the interior for the Alpha 76 was an exercise in exploiting space through the stylish manipulation of essential elements. Nowhere is this more evident than the centerline helm station: It anchors the command function while both separating and uniting the two interior levels of the yacht with a spectacular atrium. Positioning the console on centerline in turn enables a unique entry to the master suite below. The...

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Alpha Series - 17

Fashions fade, style is eternal. —Yves Saint Laurent contrasting colors, crisp rail and hardware styles and smooth matte and gloss surfaces. The simplicity of the yacht’s interior is at once relaxing and To wrap the architecture in surfaces appropriate to the look intriguing—nothing shouts for attention or competes with the and function of the yacht, de Basto honored maritime tradition with outside views, and yet the interplay of the rich surfaces teases out leather, anigre, stainless steel and planked floors, but gave it a an appreciation for the sophistication it presents. Layer upon...

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Alpha Series - 18

Designed for Elegant Living Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure. —Edsger Dijkstra Cheoy Lee’s Alpha 76 is far more than a day cruiser with occasional overnight accommodations. The lower deck provides ample accommodation for six with three staterooms and three heads. Both the owner’s suite and Large and complex molds give rise to a structure that is stronger, stiffer and quieter. the forward guest stateroom are ensuites and for unsurpassed privacy, they are at opposite ends of the accommodation space.

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Alpha Series - 20

From the galley, the owners descend three steps to their full-beam suite with its sweeping hull side windows. Placing the large custom bed athwartships maximizes both views and floor space in this sumptuous suite. A relaxing sofa, decorative details and soft lighting create a cozy private oasis. A walk-in closet with built-in dresser and a chic bath with a Jacuzzi tub are features made possible by this yacht’s substantial beam. Owners can choose dark or light woods, upholstery, fabrics and styling details to create an interior customized for their unique tastes—this attention to each owner...

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Alpha Series - 22

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. —Jean Cocteau

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Alpha Series - 27

A Technician’s Dream When Cheoy Lee began planning the Alpha series, its directors rot, swelling or weakening within the laminate. All of the yacht’s and designers created a list of target items where other express cruisers tanks are fiberglass and molded into the hull, creating a double bottom extract compromises or just plain fail to deliver. Then they ensured safety zone and adding greatly to the strength of the hull. Integral those shortcomings had no place on the Alpha. tanks also store fuel and water lower in the boat, improving stability The Alpha aims to bring service friendly...

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