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This catalogue enables you to choose particular items from our wide range of top quality marine equipment for your boat. The materials used in the manufacture of our marine hardware are from only the highest quality certified bronze and stainless steel Years of valuable experience in the design and manufacture of marine hardware enable us to produce extremely reliable and dependable products highly sort after by discerning boat yards. Chatfield marine hardware can readily be purchased from ships' chandlers and agency dealers throughout NEW ZEALAND and Please refer to our website...

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MALTESE CROSS BOLLARDS These traditional shape bollards are cast in tough manganese bronze with four hole fixing and have a strong and pleasing appearance. Ideal as a mooring bollard. Available in chrome plate. OVAL FLANGE Drop forged in bronze with a chrome plated finish. For bung security it is retained by a spring clip. BOLTS / SCREWS Manufactured from drop-forged bronze and fitted with stainless steel shank, these popular eye bolts are designed for use on trailer craft for attaching winch wires when hauling out. 9 Porana Road, Glenfield

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STRUT BOLTS AND LAG SCREWS STRUT BOLTS: Manufactured from tobin bronze, these raised countersunk bolts are designed for use below the waterline for such jobs as fastening struts, bearings etc. Also used for securing heavy duty mooring bollards and toe rails. LAG SCREWS: Manufactured in Tobin bronze and designed for fastening stern bearings and glands. By undoing the nuts, fittings can be removed for inspection without drawing the screw. Also suitable for securing engines, thrust bearings etc Check with us on the availability of Vi sizes not listed for both Strut Bolts and Lag Screws. 9...

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OPEN CLEATS A very popular utility cleat manufactured in marine quality bronze. Basically a spring cleat for power boats or stern cleats for sail boats. The centre serves as a fairlead when necessary. Available in polished bronze or heavy chrome plated. Our 10" open cleat is also available in 316 stainless steel MOORING CLEATS Our mooring cleats are manufactured from cast manganese bronze and are heavily chrome plated. Four hole mounting on twin oval bases. These stern chocks are cast 316 stainless steel with a highly polished finish. PORT & STARBOARD FAIRLEAD S These fairleads (or bow...

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DECK FILLERS These bevel flanged bronze deck fillers have been designed for safe flush mounting. No danger of stubbing toes or fouling lines. No need for setting in. Fuel, Water, Diesel or Waste are clearly stamped on the flange to positively identify the correct tank intake. Available in bronze or heavy chrome plated finish. • Order a DFP99 + TYPE REQUIRED (Water, Fuel, Diesel, Waste) • 2" Deck Fillers available on request DECK FILLER WRENCH We manufacture a high tensile bronze deck filler wrench which is designed to fit all sizes of our deck fillers. These wrenches are finished in either...

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HATCH HINGES These popular drop forged bronze hinges are designed especially for marine use. The Pin is solid 316 stainless steel for strength. Available in heavy chrome plate or polished bronze finish. LIFTING RINGS Designed as a lifting ring to be fitted to decks, hatches, cupboards etc. Flush lifting rings are available in two patterns and are made from drop forged bronze with a chrome finish or polished bronze. LIFTING HANDLES This heavy-duty stainless steel lifting handle is ideal for deck hatches or storage drawers. TWIST LOCK TYPE Our lifting handles are manufactured from 316...

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HAWSE PIPES This selection of hawse pipes are made from stainless steel and bronze. They are ideal for use in conjunction with our mooring cleats or open cleats. These chrome plated pressed brass scoops are ideal for runabout engine boxes, fuel breather cowls and for covering anchor locker chain hole outlets. They can also be used to cover wire loom exit points in cockpit side panels. STRAINER SCOOPS Designed to admit a full supply of water at all speeds these non-clogging water intake strainer scoops are cast in manganese bronze. Available in the following sizes Heavy duty cast AB 1 used...

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9 Porana Road, Glenfield

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CHATFIELD MARINE DRIVELINE CATALOGUE 11 Create-Deliver-Impress 9 Porana Road, Glenfield Auckland, New Zealand Phone +64 9 444 9031 Fax +64 9 444 7818

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RUBBER - SILVERLINE, (WATER LUBRICATED MARINE BEARINGS) The fluted bearings design utilises basic lubrication principles to allow the formation of hydrodynamic water-wedges at the bearing surfaces by flow of water from the grooves. NOISE AND VIBRATION ABSORPTION Shaft speed The maximum operating speed of a Silverline bearing is known to be in excess of 35m/s (7000fpm). The minimum speed is around 0.05m/s Silverline bearings are suitable for all applications where bearings are submerged or where liquid can be piped for lubrication, and loads and temperatures are not detrimental to rubber....

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VESCONITE BUSHES (STERN BEARINGS) We manufacture a full range of Vesconite bushes machined to standard rubber bearing sizes complete with waterways. Sizes are Vesconite is extremely versatile. It outperforms most plain bearing materials in unlubricated, lubricated or water lubricated Vesconite has a much lower friction that most laminates, elastomers and nylons and in most applications a superior Vesconite combines many of the advantages of metallic and non- metallic bearings and bushes. It has a higher design load limit than white metal (babbit), a higher fatigue strength and two to three...

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HALF COUPLINGS We manufacture a full range of propeller shaft couplings to suit most types of marine gearbox output couplings. We can machine these with a taper or parallel bore. Please ask us for a blank specification form so we can supply you with the correct couplings PART NUMBER HCP 773 HCP 774 HCP 775 HCP 776 HCP 863 HCP 930 HCP 873 HCP 864 HCP931 MODEL 4” FLANGE 5” FLANGE 5-3/4” & 6” FLANGE (small shaft) 5-3/4” & 6” FLANGE (large shaft) 7-1/4 & 7-1/2” FLANGE 8” FLANGE 9” FLANGE (small shaft) 9” FLANGE (large shaft) 11” FLANGE To optimise operation add a DRIVESAVER flexible coupling...

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