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w w w. ch aparral b oat s. com N a s hville, G eorg ia U SA • 229-6 86 -7481

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2018 COLLECTION With over 51 years of boat building experience, we are proud to present our 2018 Model Year Line-Up. Each model is infused with pride, integrity and quality. The power of choice is evident throughout the diversity of our models with an array of colors, power options, and experiences waiting for you.

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DESIGN & INNOVATION We’ve been designing boats for more than 50 years—but Chaparral’s designs are anything but old-school. Every boat is equipped with high-tech amenities, from the start of the design process to the day you first hit the water. Our Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) provides unparalleled opportunities to customize your boat, so that your ride is truly a one-of-a-kind sight on the water.

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CONSTRUCTION & WARRANTY You want a boat you can count on—for everything from fast‐paced water sport thrills to relaxing sandbar rendezvous. For ten years in a row, Chaparral has been honored with the NMMA CSI award for excellence in customer satisfaction: a testament to the dedication of our skilled team of boat builders and dealers. That dedication guides every decision we make, from initial design to customer service and beyond. But our commitment doesn’t stop when you cruise off for the first time—all of our boats come with a Standard Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty, and 2018 models have...

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THE CHAPARRAL DIFFERENCE When you think “Chaparral,” think quality construction. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading propulsion suppliers give your ride the competitive edge. Mercury Marine, Volvo Penta, and Yamaha‐ powered systems will help you do even more on the water, while our Extended V‐ Plane™ Hull lets you glide, cruise, and maneuver w

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B E S T VA LU E O N T H E WAT E R Just like water, the H2O series is fundamental—refreshingly simple yet rich with a variety of ways to enjoy. We designed this family of boats with customization in mind, so that you can craft a one‐of‐a‐kind experience on the water with flexible seating, Sport and Ski & Fish models, and sterndrive or outboard power options. Real Deal pricing ensures that you get the sophisticated features you crave, at a value you truly love.

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 11

SUNRISE TO SUNSET EXCITEMENT Whether you’re an early riser or sunset chaser, the SunCoast series gives you a space to see—and do—it all. The sleek, spacious design of this outboard series adds an air of luxury to your everyday adventures, while a wraparound swim platform and ample on‐board seating provide swimmers and passengers plenty of chances to relax and cool off. Explore your favorite Alpine lake or cruise the open seas: your SunCoast is equipped to handle every kind of adventure.

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 12

The 191 SunCoast breaks down boating to its basics, whi sacrificing the Chaparral design, style, and quality you have come to expect. A large open concept seating arrangement makes for an inviting cockpit for entertaining or lounging while anchored at your favorite sandbar. The 191 SunCoast is the complete package including boat, motor, and trailer at a nationally advertised price. LENGTH BEAM WEIGHT FUEL PASSENGER

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Outboard-powered adventures await on your 210 SunCoast Sport Deck. Built to bring you closer to the water, the 210 features clever details like a wraparound transom and swim platform that works with the design of your engine and makes for effortless easy swimming. For the fishing enthusiast, an optional fishing package is available for the 210 SunCoast.

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 14

230 SUNCOAST For everything from leisurely cruises to fast‐paced wakeboarding sessions, the 230 SunCoast Sport Deck is your go‐to companion. Its powerful outboard engine is fit to fuel your most adventurous excursions on the water, while on‐board touches like plush bow seating and a deep freeboard keep you safe and comfy along the way.

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 15

LENGTH BEAM WEIGHT FUEL PASSENGER Few boats say “home” quite like the 250 SunCoast Sport Deck, whose oversized bow and open layout provide a sense of comfort unlike anything else on the water. When you’re not kicking back on board, the 250 adds to the thrill of on-the-water fun, with optional additions like a folding arch tower that make water sports a breeze.

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QUALITY FIRST. LUXURY STANDARD. Embrace the art of boating with the SSX family. This series of boats expertly pairs the smooth, powerful ride you’ve come to expect from Chaparral with a refined style that’s sure to “wow” on the water. Luxury details like hand-stitched helm upholstery and Power Line hull contours give your ride a stylistic edge, while ample storage and flexible seating options your hands. This is your boating experience, and the SSX helps you shape it in style

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 17

227 SSX Can you “upsize” without buying a bigger boat? The 227 SSX says you can. When you step on board, you’ll be amazed at how spacious and well‐appointed this boat is, even while sticking to the same popular length. Its sheer abundance of legroom, storage, and spaces to sit gives it a notable advantage in the field of luxury bowriders. With the 227, smarter use of space makes all the difference.

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CHAPARRAL The Collection - International - 18

247 SSX Following in the design of her larger sisters, the 247 SSX features bold style lines and large swim platform positioned close to the water. A large open bow is forward while an open concept seating arrangement awaits you at the stern. The convertible sun lounge and can be set up in multiple configurations. An all new electric folding tower is a must have option.

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