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SURFERCAT 2400 - 1

SURFERCAT® PASSENGER SHIPS SURFERCAT 2400 CATAMARAN FOR OFFSHORE WIND FARMS SURFERCAT® 2400 is a 24-metre catamaran providing stable, safe and comfortable transfers of personnel and equipment to offshore wind turbine platforms. OPERATING CAPABILITIES SURFERCAT® 2400 can carry up to 12 passengers and up to 15 tonnes of freight at a service speed of 22 knots, and is propelled by two water jets driven by twin diesel engines, ensuring both manoeuvrability and reliability. The catamaran allows personnel to embark and disembark safely via its boat landing, which is protected by a 400mm thick fender.

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SURFERCAT 2400 - 2

SURFERCAT 2400 ACCOMMODATION SURFERCAT® 2400 has an ergonomic pilot house with a pilot seat and two co-pilot seats, and is fully glazed, providing a 360° view. There is also a fully fitted-out crew mess room. The passenger lounge has a wide, unobstructed view to the exterior, and is fitted with individual seats. It also features a mess-galley area with a dining table and mini-galley. There is a workshop aft on the vessel’s port side which enables the crew to carry out routine maintenance activities. A head with WC, wash basin and shower cabin is installed forward of the passenger area....

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