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Cemre Shipyard is well founded and specialized construction of extensive vessels. From the first moments of settlement obtained an efficient and modern mechanism by fulfilling all the obligations to manage complex “Tailor-made” vessels. The contribution of employees provides Cemre the strength to achieve todays and future challenges which make Cemre a World leader in the market.

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Cemre Shipyard has strong and constantly developing structure and the experiences of working together allow Cemre to carry out the projects in Cost and Time Effective. Technological and physical investments never stop at Cemre, by this means new opportunities and expectations to unfold the tradition of successful ship building.

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 6

As building sophisticated vessels requires new challenges and new demands, Cemre gives extra attention to fulfill the requirements of complex vessels such as fishing, offshore and construction vessels. Cemre Shipyard has delivered these kind of vessels with high quality and on time through worldwide customers.

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FACILITIES 1 160 Ton Gantry Crane 2 Slipway (L=130 m B=38 m) 3 Quay (180 m) 4 250 Ton Gantry Crane 5 Slipway (L=155 m B=56 m) 6 Quay (240 m) 7 Outfitting Halls (Totally 3.000 m2) 8 Painting and Blasting Halls 9 Engineer Offices 10 Pipe Hall (900 m2) 11 Construction Hall 12 Main Production Area 13 Pipe Hall (600 m2) 14 Production Area

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Construction Hall Totally 2.750 m2 area with 40 ton crane Painting and Blasting Halls Totally 1.250 m2 area with 2 halls.

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INVESTMENTS Investments Never stop in Cemre Slipway Lift Capacity Indoor Area Paint Hall

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 10

OFFSHORE Cemre Shipyard firstly integrated into offshore business by building of highly sophisticated vessels for the market. Offshore is the main focus area for Cemre. The knowledge of new technologies and systems integration during the construction gives our customer satisfaction in the Offshore market.

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 11

Such kind of versatile offshore projects with good design, good equipment and off course good ship building practice give Cemre Shipyard great experience for this sophisticated market.

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FISHING Cemre Shipyard enjoys of delivering one of the most efficient fishing vessel ever built. Fully sophisticated and complex fishing vessel construction is such kind of opportunity to improve the mentality and give variety of different equipment knowledge to the shipyard that can orientate the experience to other extensive projects.

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 13

74,2 meter trawler Østerbris is a great example for purse-seiner trawlers with highly efficient catching ,fish hold capacity and fuel saving opportunity.

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 14

COMMERCIAL & SERVICE Cemre Shipyard’s first attraction to commercial market is building of the bulk carrier vessels. By deliveries of these vessels, Cemre gained great experience in commercial market. Long industrial history and shipbuilding tradition of commercial vessels in Turkey supported our success in this area. Additionally, it is important for us to have wide range of building capacity in our advanced facilities. In order to achieve this, Cemre has entered service vessel market by building of efficient and environmental ferries. Cemre has proved its quality and capability with these...

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 16

VARIOUS STEEL CONSTRUCTION For testifying its quality at a very important place for Turkey and our world as well, Golden Horn Metro Gate Bridge. Cemre Shipyard undertakes the steel construction of the famous Golden Horn Metro Gate Bridge, this shows its success of steel construction jobs.

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QUALITY The most important point is not building a vessel, while building period fulfilling all the obligations is the point. From the beginning of the foundation, Cemre Shipyard always accepts rules and regulations and associate with the quality.

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Cemre Shipyard Brochure - 18

LOCATION Cemre shipyard established in Yalova, Altinova which is the new heart of ship building industry, The location of Turkey is between Asia and Europe and The location of Cemre nearby World well known city Istanbul. The transportation through seaway and by land is suitable possibilities for Cemre. EUROPE ASIA TURKEY ISTANBUL KOCAELI YALOVA BURSA

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