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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Company Profile - 36 Pages

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Company Profile

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems

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ONE global organization - two world-class brands Global coverage. Local detail. From pre-salesto after-sales. ONE comprehensive line of world-class diesel engines From propulsion engines to auxiliary engines and complete propulsio Pleasure craft Commercial shipping Ocean-going shipping Connecting continents. ONE approach for future technology Establishing state-of-the-art. The people who power the engines.

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Bringing together the best to cre- ate a powerful entity with global coverage: Caterpillar Marine Power Systems was established as part of a strategic realignment of Caterpillar's marine activities with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. This organization car- ries the responsibility for all sales and service operations involving Our objective is to reach a leading medium-speed marine diesel en- gines in all relevant ocean-going, commercial and pleasure craft markets and application fields. This will be achieved through skilled marketing practices, world-class products and service...

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global network with local detail. When you choose Caterpillar, you gain an extensive worldwide sales and service network to help you achieve maximum engine life, maintain reliability and limit down- time. Our commitment is to meet your comprehensive marine needs. To do this, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has es- tablished marketing and customer service infrastructures to cover Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia Pacific and The Americas. These regional headquarters work with our extensive global dealer network to provide comprehensive sales and service for both Cat and MaK engine...

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Strategically positioned in cities worldwide for commercial marine, logistics and shipping. Headquarters Caterpillar Marine Power Systems, Hamburg 8 Regional Headquarters EAME Europe, Africa, Middle East, Hamburg Regional Headquarters Americas, Miramar ( Miami )

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Regional Headquarters Asia Pacific, Singapore We’ve established marketing and customer service infrastructures to cover Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia Pacific and The Americas. These regional headquarters are responsible for sales and service in cooperation with our dealers for both Cat and MaK engine brands. 9 Regional Headquarters Asia Pacific, Shanghai

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Our global dealer network makes you feel at home. You can count on personal support and experts who will serve you with dedication, experience and know- we're already there. In addition to the 90,000 people at Caterpillar working around the globe, our dealer network is the strongest in the world. With 1,740 dealer locations and 100,000 people around the world, our worldwide dealer organization has the local expertise, specialists and extensive spare parts inventory you'll need - no matter where you or your ship may end up around Caterpillar and MaK Marine dealers must meet rigor- ous...

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Support/Performance Wherever you are, one call will activate our one-stop, full service circle. A simple principle which offers the best solutions for your real-world situation. Documentation Consulting and Support in Project Planning Modernization Propulsion Planning Repairs Support in Financing Training Maintenance Spare Parts Delivery Warranty Administration Order Processing Installation Commissioning 11 From concept to construction to maintenance, we’re with you. You can count on the full range of marine engine services with Caterpillar Marine Power Systems. Our support starts with...

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One reliable partner whose financial strength and integrity you can trust Your plans for construction and operation of the perfectvessel will also require solid financing solutions. This is true whether you look to finance vessels in the shipping, offshore support, workboat, cruise and ferry, or pleasure craft sectors. You can expect attractive financing packages from Cater- pillar Financial Services for all types of vessels that are constructed with Cat or MaK main propulsion Cat Financial offers competitive rates, terms and repayment plans that are as unique as our customers. Both...

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Since its formation in 1996, the Marine Division of Caterpillar Financial Services have attained the high level of international financing experience that will meet your specific business needs anywhere in the world. Our marine loan portfolio now exceeds US $2.35 billion. Regional headquarters forthe Marine Division are located in the U.K., Singapore and the U.S. Your local Caterpillar dealer can direct you to the appropriate Cat Financial Account Manager in your area who will provide information and assistance as

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comprehensive line world-class diesel engines. diesel engines starts with a com- bined history of more than 180 years of experience in develop- ing, engineering, building, support- engines. Our continual investment in resources, research and devel- opment ensures the production of the most innovative maritime a wide range of needs, from single propulsion plants to a complete power package, from auxiliary power to generator sets. The employment of engines for main propulsion, onboard power supply and emergency generator sets varies greatly and extends from pleasure craft to commercial...

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High-Speed Propulsion Engines Medium-Speed Propulsion Engines Complete Propulsion Systems

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Pleasure craft: It's all about power. Cat-powered yachts - the perfect combination of outer beauty and inner strength. On the outside, the ultimate in luxury - on the inside, optimum respon- siveness and power to take your breath away. We've spent decades designing, developing, building, deliv- ering and supporting reliable marine diesel engines as main propulsion and auxiliary for pleasure craft and mega yachts. So, whether your boat is 30 feet or 330 feet (9-100 meters), make sure you specify

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Commercial shipping: Working on the water. Maximum reliability and safety are of primary impor- tance when working on the water. Even under the most difficult conditions, you can depend on our range of high-speed and medium-speed diesel engines for main propulsion and onboard power supply. For fishing, tugs, shipping vessels or for small ferries and dredgers, Cat and MaK engines have demon- strated their economic efficiency countless times. With remarkable reliability and durability, these en- gines will exceed your expectations for decades.

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