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Brochure - MaK VM 43 C - 16 Pages

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Brochure - MaK VM 43 C

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VM_43_C_2009.qxd:Layout 1 24.08.2009 14:39 Uhr Seite 1 VM 43C Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High Reliability 12 • 16

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VM 43 C - The Power to meet High Requirements Developed to meet the requirements of the cruise ship and ferry markets, this new engine series is the breakthrough into a new class of power. Designed state-of-the-art, engineered to lead. After the successful introduction to the market of four new engine series in only ten years, the extension to the program continues with a further engine-the power on offer from Caterpillar to 16 MW and therefore supports new and impor- tant market segments and groups of The external configuration of the engine clearly and impressively displays the pact,...

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To ensure luxurious lifestyle on board, the propulsion plant plays an important role. ■ When talking about comfortable cruising, we mean: low emissions and low noise. ■ When talking about high reliability, we mean: sailing on schedule. ■ When talking about low operating costs, we mean: quick return of investments. The VM 43 C has been specially designed to meet the high requirements of the marine engine markets for cruise ships and ferries but also for other specialized ship types. High standards on cruise ships Cruise ships and passenger vessels are the unchallenged sovereigns of the seas....

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The smallest parts determine the efficiency of the whole. The basic principle in the design and development of a V-engine series at Caterpillar is to use as many components as possible from the in-line engine version already in operation. basic design data such as bore, stroke and engine speed have been taken over completely from the in-line engine. In consequence, important components, such as cylinder head, connecting rod, piston crown, cylinder liner with calibra- tion ring, injection pump, valve drive, cool- ing water ring and turbocharger, could be transferred from the in-line engine...

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Cylinder liner with calibration ring i Long lifetime with piston removal Intervals of 30,000 hours in heavy fuel i Long oil change intervals ■ Very simple maintenance ■ Turbocharger with sliding bearings, no water cooling, connected to the lubricating oil circuit, service-friendly ■ Maximum power rapidly available turbocharger components i High boost pressures over the complete speed range Engine block Integration of oil ducts, boost air and camshaft passages, gearwheel drive and suppressor area Multifunctional cooling water ring i Engine block free of cooling water to avoid corrosion i...

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i Maximum security against bearing frettage and consequential camshaft i Low loads due to powerful bearing trunnions and wide bearings i New MaK bearing shell technology ensures a high level of operational ■ The camshaft is, as built, equipped with vibration dampers i Easy piecemeal removal of parts possible for inspection of the bearings Injection pump i High injection pressures ■ Short, compact injection lines with reliable injection protection ■ Secure assembly on the engine block i Optimum fuel injection into the consequence, high efficiency ■ The flywheel hub is shrunk onto the...

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24.08.2009 Large inspection hatches ■ Large inspection hatches ensure satisfactory access to the engine and camshaft areas 14:40 Uhr Seite 7 Exhaust pipe cladding ■ The cladding is subdivided into segments and can be easily and rapidly removed and installed Exhaust gas system ■ Good connection conditions at the turbine inlet and, in consequence, optimum incident flow to the turbine ■ Single pipe exhaust gas system with gas outlets and cross-sections optimized for efficiency on each cylinder bankspection of the bearings VM 43 C: Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High...

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VM_43_C_2009.qxd:Layout 1 24.08.2009 14:40 Uhr Seite 8 VM 43 C – Design Features Engine room monitoring Oil mist detector in proven technology ■ Terminal board ■ A terminal board for monitoring and inspection connections with plenty of space for cable connections when alongside Turning device ■ Fastened directly to the engine block in a safe and low vibration manner 8 Complete engine ■ The engine is on offer with a standardized pump and filter attachment Exhaust ducting connections ■ V-position of the turbocharger for small center distance in the case of twin-engine installations ■ Vertical...

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VM 43 C - Economical from Installation to Operation binding. They only serve as standard values. These standard values can strictly observed and only MaK spare parts are used. Please consider as well the negative effect of bad fuel Long maintenance intervals and extended life form the basis for low operating costs. Complete engine The engine is marketed with standard- ized pump and filter equipment. The interfaces for the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water systems are located at the free end of the engine for ease of Resilient foundation The resilient foundation system can be assembled...

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VM 43 C - Emission Reduction Technology Environmental protection is also becoming increasingly important for seagoing ship- ping. Caterpillar Motoren recognized this trend in good time and, with the design and development of the modern long-stroke engine concept, created the conditions for engine operation at reduced emission engine lieswell below the International Maritime Organisation's limiting curve. The long-stroke concept for engine operation at reduced emission levels The following features characterise the concept which ensures, in addition to smooth running, maximum operational...

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Cat Financial - World-Class Financing Solutions You specify Cat or MaK power solutions, because you believe in the power of Caterpillar engines to keep you and your vessel safely on course. Cat Financial has the same commitment to your success - whether you need construction, term or repower financing. We know how to support customers in one country, construction in a second country and registration in a third. We understand the marine industry-we've been lending to marine customers for more than 20 years. And, as it has been since 1986, our service commitment is dealers everywhere. Global...

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