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Brochure - MaK VM 32 C Low Emission Engine - 12 Pages

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Brochure - MaK VM 32 C Low Emission Engine

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Low Emission Engine already in operation Back in 2000, Caterpillar Motoren identi- fied three emission levels for the MaK marine product in order to cope with short to midterm emission regulations. These were a base line IMO engine, which fulfils MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI, an IMO-compli- ant engine with invisible smoke emissions and a Low Emission Engine (LEE) which meets the expected N0X emission range of IMO II and is also invisible in smoke. In addition, this strategy favours inside- the-engine means because of their clear advantage with respect to cost, complex- to increase the compression...

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Flex Cam Technology FCT (schematic diagram) Building upon the Emission Reduction System integration concept, FCT achieves synergy between flexible fuel systems and advanced air systems with maximum utilization of the current engine design. While maintaining high fuel injection pressure over the whole operating range, fuel injection and inlet valve timing are load controlled and influenced by a lever shaft which affects injection timing/ pressure and inlet valve events. Valve timing changes at part load to raise effec- tive compression and enhance complete combustion. In addition, shifting...

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VM 32 C – Low Emission Engine Engine Description Number of cylinders Bore Stroke Cylinder rating Rated speed Mean piston speed Mean effective pressure Cylinder pressure Engine power 12 M 32 C 16 M 32 C 12, 16 320 460 480 720 11.0 21.6 200 kW 5760 7680 12, 16 320 460 500 750 11.5 21.6 200 kW 6000 8000 12, 16 M 32 C Specific fuel consumption* at 100% power V-Version mm mm kW rpm m/s bar bar (Preliminary) g/kWh 178 g/kWh 179 Specific lubricating oil consumption 0.6 g/kWh, ± 0.3 g/kWh * ISO conditions Hu = 42,700 kJ/kg, without engine driven pumps, tolerance 5% Swept volume: Output/cyl.: BMEP:...

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VM32C - Low Emission Engine t Technical Data (Preliminary) Performance data Maximum continous rating acc. ISO 3046/1 Minimum speed Brake mean effective pressurebar Firing pressure Specific fuel oil consumption Engine driven booster pump Stand-by booster pump Mesh size MDO fine filter Mesh size HFO automatic filter Mesh size HFO fine filter Nozzle cooling by lubricating oil system Engine driven pump Independent pump Working pressure on engine inlet Engine driven suction pump Independent suction pump Priming pump Sump tank content/dry sump content Temperature at engine inlet Mesh size double...

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Fresh water cooling Engine content Pressure at engine inlet min/max Header tank capacity Temperature at engine outlet Engine driven pump HT Water demand LT-charge air cooler Temperature at LT-charge air cooler inlet Heat Dissipation Specific jacket water heat Jacket water (HT-Stage before engine) Heat radiation engine Pipe diameter NB after turbine Maximum exhaust gas pressure drop Exhaust gas temperature after turbine Exhaust gas mass flow (intake air 25°C)51 Minimum starting air pressure 1 ) Reference conditions: LCV = 42700 kJ/kg, ambient temperature 25 °C charge air coolant temperature...

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VM32 C - Low Emission Engine * Heat Balance (Preliminary) Motor / ENGINE

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One Strong Line of World-Class Diesel Engines Perfect Solutions for Main Propulsion and On-Board Power Supply The Program: Quality is our Motto For more than 80 years we have devel- oped, built, supplied and serviced diesel engines - worldwide. Today Caterpillar Marine with its brands Cat and MaK offer high-speed and medium-speed engines with power ratings from 11 kW to 16,000 kW. Many different engine families are available to meetyour specific application needs. Cat and MaK diesel engines are distin- guished by high reliability, extremely low operational costs, simple installation and...

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Production Facilities which manage all sales and product sup- port activities. They have direct responsi- bility for achieving the ambitious growth dealers with complete marine solutions. Caterpillar's global dealer network pro- vides a key competitive edge - customers deal with people they know and trust. Cat dealers strive to form a strong work- ing relationship with their customers, offering comprehensive and competent advice from project support to repair Some of the most advanced manufactur- ing concepts are used at Caterpillar loca- tions throughout...

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Europe, Africa, Middle East Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Miramar Park of Commerce Asia Pacific Caterpillar Marine Trading 25/F, Caterpillar Marine Center 1319, Yan'an West Road Caterpillar Marine Asia For more information please visit our website: Subject to change without notice. ©2009 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved. Printed in Germany. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, ACERT, ADEM, „Caterpillar Yellow" and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and...

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