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Brochure - MaK M 32 C

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M_32_C_2011.qxd:Layout 1 07.06.2011 10:07 Uhr Seite 1 M 32C Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High Reliability 6•8•9 12 • 16 In-line Engines V-Type Engines ©

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M 32 C - Powerful, Reliable and Economical The acceptance of the M 32 C long-stroke engine series in the marine industry is a success story whose equal is hard to find in this power class. Since its introduction in 1994, more than 1600 engines have been sold. 80% of those commissioned are marine propulsion engines and 20% are in electrical generator sets. The M 32 C series is a genuine heavy fuel engine and 75% of all engines commissioned burn the economical heavy fuel oil. The M 32 C long-stroke series, with a bore of 320 mm, has continued the market success of its predecessor in this bore...

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07.06.2011 10:10 Uhr Seite 3 M 32 C VM 32 C M 32 C – On-Board Power MaK Propulsion Packages Emission Reduction Technology M 32 C: Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High Reliability M_32_C_2011.qxd:Layout 1 3

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M_32_C_2011.qxd:Layout 1 07.06.2011 10:11 Uhr Seite 4 M 32 C – Design Improvements ■ ■ High-efficiency turbocharger Segmental camshaft design 4 ■ Nodular cast-iron engine block

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Compact cylinder head design Engine control terminal i Flexible Camshaft Technology (FCT) Customer Benefits: i Nodular cast-iron engine block ïj with integrated ducts for lubricating | i Cooling water system wfifr ■= simple plug-in connections '»* ■ Simplified parts specfìm^y \ /§ ' using singlaopipe extoaùàt gas ducting > ' £ i Pulse charging system, available as an opftonSfor all in-line engine High-efficiency turbocharger i Engine control terminal with analog Jj instrumentation in robust cast casing ¡z Segmental camshaft design - ''§/,, i Compact cylinder head desjgVi^ i Cylinder liner,...

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Nodular cast iron engine block and crankcase with integrated ducts i Lubricating oil supply to the crank- shaft, camshaft control system and camshaft bearingsthrough drilled No cooling water in the engine block Easy maintenance High level of operational safety Simplified parts spectrum by using single-pipe exhaust gas ducting Identical cylinder parts i Reduced component complexity volume and low vibration level Cooling water system with simple plug-in connections i Plug-in connections for the cooling water pipes with standard closure i Easy to fit, very maintenance-friendly i Identical...

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High-efficiency turbocharger Moderate temperature level combustion chamber i Corrosion-free turbocharger casing without water cooling Engine control terminal with analog instrumentation in robust cast casing Securely mounted with vibration i Direct and reliable display of all operating media pressures by robust pressure gauges i Engine and turbocharger speed display by vibration-protected analog Cylinder liner, only cooled outside the engine block Low wear rate due to calibration ring Long life Segmental camshaft design i Individual segments per cylinder ■ Simple to assemble and dismantle

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Installation-friendly, because of pumps and filters installed on the engine filter fitted to the engine i Replaces duplex filter and separate automatic filters i Pumps and filters operate without i Reduces the parts requirements Connecting rod, split off design i High level of operational safety, the result of accurately preloaded Compact module for lower valve drives and injection pump drives Exact straight-line guidance for low-friction and low-wear operation Compact cylinder head design Long intervals between overhauls Simple and fast assembly/ - plug-in connections - integrated bores

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standingly suitable as generator prime mover for electric power on ships. The robust design and moderate speed permits unlimited, continuous operation with heavy fuel oil. In-line engines- complete with generators-are mounted on a common base frame. Engine and electrics are tested prior to delivery. This ensures trouble-free installation Economical operation with diesel-electric propulsion Our engineers have extensive experience in the design of diesel-electric installa- tions. This includes both pod propulsion systems and propulsion by fixed-pitch propellers driven by electric motors. The...

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With a bore of 320 mm and a stroke of 460 mm, it covers a power range of ranges. The engine is designed to meet not only the demands of the marine market but also those of the stationary electric power generation and petroleum industry markets. The consistent application of MaK long- stroke engine design and development, along with the incorporation of as many in-line engine components as possible, is clearly and impressively demonstrated in the external configuration: - a compact, simple and clean design. The modular construction of the engine, the integration of various functions into a...

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M 32 C - Economical from Installation to Operation binding. They only serve as standard values. These standard values can strictly observed and only MaK spare parts are used. Please consider as well the negative effect of bad fuel Long maintenance intervals and extended life form the basis for low operating costs. Complete engine The engine is marketed with standard- ized pump and filter equipment. The interfaces for the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water systems are located at the free end of the engine for ease of Optional deep oil pan (wet sump). Resilient foundation The resilient...

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M_32_C_2011.qxd:Layout 1 07.06.2011 10:23 Uhr Seite 12 M 32 C – MaK Propulsion Package Complete propulsion systems The supply of complete propulsion systems is a market requirement which is becoming increasingly important. We have comprehensive experience through many completed installations and as a result or our close cooperation with competent partners. We offer: System responsibility and supply – all from a single source ■ Accurately matched interfaces ■ Coordinated delivery date control ■ Engine Type 12 6 M 32 C 8 M 32 C 9 M 32 C 12 M 32 C 16 M 32 C Rating kW 3000 4000 4500 6000 8000...

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