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Brochure - MaK M 25 C

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M_25_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 8:52 Uhr Seite 1 M 25C Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High Reliability 6•8•9

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The M 25 C, part of the MaK long-stroke engine generation, is based on the proven design characteristics of the M 20 C, M 32 C and M 43 C engine series. In the development of this new engine generation, the objective was to achieve a high benefit level for the customer. In all design and development considera- tions, therefore, three criteria had maximum priority-reliability, economy and environmental compatibility. Other important points of great significance in the engine's design and development work were ease of maintenance, long maintenance intervals, long component life and ease of...

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15.05.2008 8:53 Uhr Seite 4 M 25 C – Design Improvement ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ M 25 C – Design Features The new M 25 C was changed to meet the same design principles as M 20 C, M 32 C and M 43 C. All MaK engine series have the same nomenclature with the design status “C”. The power output of the M 25 C increased slightly. The engine development also considers a possible Caterpillar Common Rail introduction. The design changes of the new M 25 C cylinder block result in an improved way of founding with an increased dimensional accuracy. The new governor drive is of simple and robust design. The...

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i Piston with stable combustion i Hardened first ring groove i First ring with chromium ceramic-plated running surface i Piston rings have a long service life and high operational reliability High-efficiency turbocharger combustion chamber i Corrosion-free turbocharger casing without water cooling Cylinder head i Intensive cooling by means of generously dimensioned radial i Longitudinal holes for integrated media guidance i Robust and form stable thanks to nodular cast iron Injection pumps i Monobloc design with constant- pressure valve i Integrated low-pressure damping prevents high...

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M_25_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 8:53 Uhr Seite 8 M 25 C – Ready for Installation Technical Data Complete In addition to many outstanding technical features, the longstroke M 25 C engine is also easy to install and provides good maintenance access to all component parts. P R O P U L S I O N + G E N E R AT O R S E T S in-line 6, 8, 9 Bore mm 255 Stroke mm Cylinder rating kW 300 308 317 333 Speed rpm 720 750 720 750 Mean piston speed m/s 9.6 10.0 9.6 10.0 BME bar 24.5 23.5/24.2 23.7/25.8 26.1 kW kW kW kW 6 M 25 C 1,800 1,850 1,900 2,000 8 M 25 C 2,320 2,400 2,540 2,660...

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M_25_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 8:54 Uhr Seite 10 M 25 C – Clean Solution Complete propulsion systems The supply of complete propulsion systems is a market requirement which is becoming increasingly important. We have comprehensive experience gathered during the design and execution of many successful propulsion plant installations and resulting from our close cooperation with competent partners. The long-stroke concept for ecological operation Environmental protection is also becoming increasingly important for seagoing shipping. Caterpillar Motoren recognized this trend in good time...

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Financial - Our World-Class Financial Support Marine Financing Guidelines Financial Products: Construction, term Repayment: Loan terms up to amortizations available. Financed Amount: Up to 80% of your vessel cost. Rates: Fixed or variable. Currency: US Dollars, Euros and other widely traded Global Resource from One Source When you select Cat Marine Power for your vessel, look to Cat Financial for world-class financial support. With marine lending offices in Europe, Asia and the US supporting Caterpillar's worldwide marine distribution network, Cat Financial is anchored in your homeport. We...

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One Strong Line of World-Class Diesel Engines Perfect Solutions for Main Propulsion and On-Board Power Supply The Program: Quality is our Motto For more than 80 years we have devel- oped, built, supplied and serviced diesel engines - worldwide. Today Caterpillar Marine with its brands Cat and MaK offer high-speed and medium-speed engines with power ratings from 11 kW to 16,000 kW. Many different engine families are available to meetyour specific application needs. Cat and MaK diesel engines are distin- guished by high reliability, extremely low operational costs, simple installation and...

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Europe, Africa, Middle East Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Miramar Park of Commerce Asia Pacific Caterpillar Marine Trading 25/F, Caterpillar Marine Center 1319, Yan'an West Road Caterpillar Marine Asia For more information please visit our website: Subject to change without notice. or Leaflet No. 230 ■ 04.08 ■ e ■ L+S ■ VM3 ©2008 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, „Caterpillar Yellow" and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate identity...

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