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Brochure M 20 C

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M_20_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 8:58 Uhr Seite 1 M 20 C Long-Stroke Diesel Engines for Maximum Efficiency and High Reliability 6•8•9

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M 20 C - The Compact Long-Stroke Diesel Engine with Heavy Fuel Capability Launched in 1992, the M 20 series set a new milestone in MaK modern long-stroke engine technology. Developed and designed in response to the special requirements of marine applications, the most striking features of this engine are its high reliability and economy. These features help to explain the continued high market demand for the M 20 C as an engine for both marine propulsion and marine generating sets. The long-stroke design principle is the backbone of an excellent combustion process with low fuel and lube oil...

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Latest Modifications = New Customer Benefits with improved efficiency ■ Exhaust Pipe Design ■ Exhaust System Cladding small, compact and easy to maintain ■ Dual Circuit Fresh Water Cooling System for easier installation with higher efficiency thanks to higher cooling water temperature Charging system with a high air excess Cylinder head. Easy maintenance thanks Engine control stand Cylinder block. Dimensional accuracy Easy maintenance Resilient mounting system in connection with deep oil pan available. Also available Engine with high safety level The M 20 C is an engine with a high safety...

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I Long component life with a piston removal interval of 30,000 h under heavy fuel operation I Extended lubricating oil change I Low overall operating costs Easy maintenance thanks to simple design i Integrated non-adjustable cams for injection and valve timing ■ Low wear thanks to cam follower Exhaust pipe ■ Single pipe exhaust line with modular construction i Flow optimized pipe design for quick load acceptance individual modules Robust crown manufactured from forged steel with only two ring grooves First ring groove features with hardened surfaces ■ Long aluminium skirt for favourable...

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M_20_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 8:59 Uhr Seite 8 M 20 C – Technical Data Complete engine The engine is marketed with a standardized range of installed pumps and filters. Interfaces for fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water systems are located at the opposite end to the crankshaft coupling for ease of connection. PROPULSION G E N E R AT I N G S E T S In-line mm mm kW rpm m/s bar 6 M 20 C 8 M 20 C 9 M 20 C 6, 8, 9 200 300 170 900 9.0 24.1 kW 1020 1360 1530 60Hz kWe kVA 0970 1210 1290 1615 1450 1820 6, 8, 9 200 300 190 1000 10.0 24.2 kW 1140 1520 1710 50Hz kWe kVA 1080 1355 1445 1805...

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Complete propulsion systems The supply of complete propulsion Systems is a market requirement which is becoming more and more important. We have wide experience gathered in the design and installation of many success- ful propulsion plants and from our close cooperation with competent partners. i System responsibility and supply from a single source i Accurately matched interfaces i Coordinated delivery data control A complete propulsion system usually I MaK main propulsion engine with flexible coupling I Reduction gearbox with or without installed clutch and gearbox PTO* with shaft...

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M_20_C_2008.qxd:Layout 1 15.05.2008 9:00 Uhr Seite 12 Cat Financial – Our World-Class Financial Support Integrated Solutions – Customer Support Portfolio Commissioning Remanufactured Parts Global Dealer Network Maintenance Genuine Spare Parts Engine Upgrades Overhauls Repairs Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) Visit our web-site or see your local Cat dealer to learn how our marine financing plans and options can help your business succeed. Providing integrated solutions for your power system means much more than just supplying your engines. Beyond complete...

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One Strong Line of World-Class Diesel Engines Perfect Solutions for Main Propulsion and On-Board Power Supply The Program: Quality is our Motto For more than 80 years we have devel- oped, built, supplied and serviced diesel engines - worldwide. Today Caterpillar Marine with its brands Cat and MaK offer high-speed and medium-speed engines with power ratings from 11 kW to 16,000 kW. Many different engine families are available to meetyour specific application needs. Cat and MaK diesel engines are distin- guished by high reliability, extremely low operational costs, simple installation and...

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Europe, Africa, Middle East Caterpillar Marine Power Systems Miramar Park of Commerce Asia Pacific Caterpillar Marine Trading 25/F, Caterpillar Marine Center 1319, Yan'an West Road Caterpillar Marine Asia For more information please visit our website: Subject to change without notice. Leaflet No. 226 04.08 ■ e ■ L+S ■ VM3 ©2008 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, „Caterpillar Yellow" and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate identity...

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