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B ecause the Catalina 36 is easily handled by a couple, has a big comfortable cockpit, a spacious interior with two private cabins and the integrity to pursue cruising dreams, many experienced sailors consider the Catalina 36 the perfect boat for their sailing lifestyle. The Catalina 36markII has all the important characteristics that made the original the most popular thirty-six foot sailboat in the world. The 36mkII is built to be the same seakindly moderate displacement hull that tracks surely and performs well in a variety of conditions. The deck is the classic trunk cabin configuration...

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An important but often unconsidered aspect of boat ownership is maintenance. The latest 36 has stainless steel hand rails and anodized spars, reducing maintenance on deck and extending your sailing season. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems have been reengineered to increase dependability and accessibility. Engine access, for example, is excellent with the one piece insulated enclosure removed. Aft of the engine, a mechanical compartment contains the engine valves and filters. This makes maintenance and service easier. The two seats and game table to starboard can be made into...

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Traditional table shown, a “U” shaped dinette is also available Catalina 36mkII Length Length Length Beam Draft Principal Specifications Overall of Hull at Waterline 11.51m 11.07m 9.22m 3.63m 1.35m 1.78m 2994kg 2722kg Wing Keel Fin Keel Ballast Wing Keel Fin Keel Approx. basic weight Wing Keel Fin Keel Engine Diesel 4 cylinder Sail Area Standard Rig (100% foretriangle) I J P E 37' 9" 36' 4" 30' 3" 11' 11" 4' 5" 5' 10" 6600 lb. 6000 lb. 6396kg 14,100 lb. 6124kg 13,500 lb. 26.1 kW 35 HP 51.56m2 555 sq.ft. 13.64m 44' 9" 4.37m 14' 4" 11.89m 39' 0" 3.66m 12' 0" All measurements are approximate...

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