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C250bro-9-03.qxd 12/29/03 4:45 PM Page 1 Get Your Dream’s Worth.

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First introduced in 1994, the Catalina 250 has already become what many consider a modern classic. This proper, safe and affordable pocket cruiser, was designed for the growing sailing family. A cockpit big enough for the whole crew, with comfortable seating and deep coamings, so you can sail, dine and move about in a safe, secure environment. Wide, uncluttered coamings are highlighted with two observation seats. The cockpit is made even more functional with two storage lockers and separate fuel storage locker. Getting on and off the boat is that much easier with the open transom and...

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All of our boats are designed by sailors, who are very aware of the little details that make life aboard more enjoyable for all involved. Before you purchase your first Catalina, be aware that in all probability, there will be several more, of increasing size, in your future. For nearly 30 years, owners of multiple Catalinas have averaged four of our yachts apiece— quite remarkable, given the variety of boats on the market and the experience and knowledge of the cruising sailboat buyer. The begin- ning of a beautiful relationship starts at your Catalina dealer.

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C250bro-9-03.qxd 12/29/03 4:45 PM Page 4 Wing Keel Centerboard (Water Ballast Model Only) Not content merely to provide a pivoting mast step, we are have taken into account the entire mast raising procedure. Catalina trailers are equipped with a telescoping mast on the tongue of the trailer. Combined with the matched winch, raising and lowering the mast has become a safe one person operation. 21200 Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Phone (818) 884-7700 Fax.: (818) 884-3810 e-mail: Refer to “Equipment List & Order Form”...

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