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Marine Export Division - 3

^Inflatable series ^ Serie hinchables ^ Bonflable series According to certificates of the Techno- logies Centre INASMET on the quality of the buoys and fenders CASTRO, is the - 37% of stretching more of the normal measurement with a load of 356 Kg. without having separated the blue eyes from the body of the fenders or buoy. - Any malformation of the piece has been observed after being mistreated. Some manufacturers of reputation in the world are a 24% below our results of Según los certificados del Centro Tecno- lógico INASMET sobre la calidad de las boyas y defensas CASTRO, es la...

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Marine Export Division - 4

latable fenders "F" series Inflatable fenders "F" series extra strong are available in 10 sizes. These are the strongest fenders that CASTRO manufactures and have superior quality inside the world wide market. All of them are moulded in just one piece with hard and flexible vinyls special for the sea. Moreover, our new metallic valve avoid all air looses. They have high abrasion resistance. When they are used as inflatable floats, they find application for cables and floating pipeli- nes. They resist common solvents and mineral pefensas hinchables serie "F" Las defensas hinchables serie "F"...

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Marine Export Division - 5

^jklatable fenders "Poly G" series Fenders "POLY G" series are more than stan- dard fenders. They have aesthetic and dimen- sions which can only be found in more expen- sive styles. All sizes have swelling valve. They can combined well with high quality "F" series. lefensas hinchables serie Las defensas serle "POLY G" son mas que unas defensas estándar. Tienen unas dimen- siones y una estética que se pueden encontrar en gamas económicamente mas altas. Todos los tamaños están provistos de válvula de hinchado. Combinan a la perfección con la serie "F" de alta calidad. Pare battages gonflables...

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Marine Export Division - 6

#pflatable fenders "JP" series Fenders "JP" series have been designed as complement to our other series: "F" and "G". All of them are moulded in just one piece with hard and flexible vinyl special for the sea. All sizes have swelling valve. Available in 3 sizes. 1 Defensas hinchables serie La serie hinchable "JP" ha sido diseñada como complemento al resto de defensas de nuestra fabricación: serie "F" y "G". Fabricadas de una sola pieza con vinilos duros y flexibles especiales para el mar. Todos los tamaños disponen de válvula de hinchado. Se presentan Pare battages gonfables serie La série...

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Marine Export Division - 7

Dock fender - Bumper This special fender avoids heavy blows when coming the boat alongside the dock. Specially built to withstand the harsh marine environment. The dock fender is an important "bumper" that can be mounted to provide added protection to both your boat and dock. We present two different models, made of rotomoulded P.V.C. Recommendations: Ideal fixing should be made by screwing the fender to the dock with special screws. Defensa especial para evitar golpes bruscos a la llegada (atraque) al pantalan, particularmente con vientos fuertes o corrientes. La defensa de pantalan es un...

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Marine Export Division - 8

Flat fenders made of closed cell polyethylene Made of closed cell polyethylene foam to avoid foam's water absorption. No hydrocarbon retention. Easy storage. They do not scratch boat's hull. Defensas planas de espuma de polietileno de célula cerrada Fabricadas en espuma de polietileno de célula cerrada para evitar absorción de agua en la espuma. No retienen hidrocarburos. Fácil almacenamiento. No rayan el casco de la embarcación. Pare battages plats en mousse de polietilene de cellule ferme Fabriquées en mousse de cellule fermé pour éviter absorption d'eau dans la mousse. Ne retiennent pas...

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Marine Export Division - 9

inflatable buoys "A-HD" series Buoys "A-HD" series are presented in 6 diffe- rent sizes. The rope eye is extra heavy duty. The structure of these buoys is stronger than the models inside the world wide market. Made with hard and flexible vinyls, special for the sea. Moreover, our new metallic valve avoid all air looses. They have high abrasion resistance. They resist common dissolvent and mineral oils. They resist sun light. Boyas hinchables serie "A-HD" Las boyas hinchables serie "A-HD" se presen- tan en 6 medidas. Con asa extra fuerte, tienen un acabado superior a las boyas existentes en...

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Marine Export Division - 10

Inflatable buoys "PA/R" series Inflatable buoys "PA/R" series are specially designed for industrial fishing. These buoys obtain a 80% less of drag to the water than standard round buoys. That means faster pickups and less strain as these buoys skip along the surface of the water rather than digging as round buoys do. Specially for crab fishing, long line and trammels. Boyas hinchables serie "PA/R" Las boyas hinchables serle "PA/R" están diseñadas especialmente para la pesca Industrial. Dichas boyas consiguen un 80% menos de resistencia al agua que las boyas redondas al ser cobradas. Con lo...

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Marine Export Division - 11

Inflatable buoy for water ski Made of high quality PVC with strong rope eye and inflation valve. Special to mark water-ski zones. An excellent choice for its visibility and durability. Boya hinchable para ski acuático Hecha de PVC con asa reforzada y válvula de hinchado. Especial para marcar zonas de ski acuático. Una opción excelente por su visibilidad y Bouée gonflable pour ski nautique Fabriquée en PVC avec une anse renforcée et valve de gonflé. Spécial pour marquer les zones de ski nautique. C'est une option excellente par leur visibilité and durabilità. Réf. 0 Buoyancy Colour Packing...

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Marine Export Division - 12

cons "CC-HD" series Inflatable beacons "CC-HD" series are used for marking fishing nets, lines, pots, etc. They are also widely used for various applications in the fish farming industry. They are manu- factured with central hole and are heavy rein- forced by special ribbing at the openings providing more strength. They are moulded in just one piece. They resist all weather conditions and also sun light. \ Balizas hinchables multiuso serie "CC-HD" Las balizas multiuso serle "CC-HD" son utili- zadas para redes de pesca, palangres, etc así como para diversas aplicaciones en la Industria de...

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