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„The sea demands experience – vision – focus. For over 100 years, we have been bringing navigation of the highest precision and unmatched quality on board.“ CASSENS & PLATH CASSENS & PLATH TRADITION AND PRECISION Cassens & Plath was founded in 1902 by Tanne Janssen Cassens – an experienced captain who knew the importance of dependable instruments from his countless voyages. Founded in Bremen, Cassens & Plath moved to Bremerhaven in 1972, where our offices are today. We build nautical precision instruments including magnetic compasses and sextants. All our products are carefully assembled,...

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table of contents About Cassens & Plath I 3 Accessories & Spare parts I 26-27 cassens & plath i sextants

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DESIGN OF A SEXTANT 1 Mirror 9 Arc Index 10 2 Mirror Set Screw Polarizing Filter 3 Telescope 11 12 4 Telescope Focus 5 Sextant Frame 13 14 6 Alhidade/Index Bar Horizon Mirror Double Prism Index Shade Glass 7 Polarizing Filter Clamp 15 8 Micrometer Drum (vernier) Horizon Shade Glass 7 Our most popular model | HORIZON ULTRA CASSENS & PLATH | SEXTANTS

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THE SEXTANT As a reliable companion on all seas, the sextant is still indispensable today. Even in times of satellite navigation, it is part of every ship’s basic equipment. But only someone who has experienced the loss of all GPS-instruments truly knows its value. Developed 300 years ago in England, the basic structure with its mirror and arc still defines the outer appearance of the sextant today. Once made of wood, the sextant is now made of metal to withstand wind and weather preventing inaccuracies that may result from the material’s exposure to the element. Sextants by Cassens & Plath...

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PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Our sextant models are equipped for different observations and requirements. With its polarizing filters and the Schüler-double-prism the HORIZON ULTRA is unbeatable for sun observation. The POLARIS with its clear-view mirror, on the other hand, is perfectly equipped for star and planet observation. Both models can be outfitted with further components thus leaving plenty of freedom during the configuration of your very own, customized instrument. In addition to the sextants, we offer accessories such as an artificial horizon, chronograph or support-pod. When buying a...

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HORIZON ULTRA With its polarizing filters and the Schüler-double-prism, the HORIZON ULTRA is optimally equipped for sun observation. The double prism redirects the horizon beam to the right and left of the sun’s reflection on the water and thus prevents any lighting-related measuring errors. In addition every little sloping of the sextant is immediately visible on the horizon. The polarization filters allow for continuous adjustments toward the horizon as well as the sky. The large mirror makes sure that you never lose sight of the stars, even when the seas are rough and the boat...

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POLARIS During fix star and planet observation the POLARIS shows its true strengths. The unique clear-view-horizon-mirror combines all advantages of the full-view-mirror with those of the traditional split-view-mirror. In addition, it guarantees a wide field of vision and a precise view of the horizon even during poor visibility conditions. Yet another distinctive feature is the star-spreading glass (astigmatizing lens) which breaks a single point of light into a line, thus eliminating the need to swivel the sextant. Indirect illumination on the arc as well as on the micrometer drum...

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PROFESSIONAL The PROFESSIONAL Sextant is certified by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). It can be equipped either with a traditional split-view-mirror or a full-view-mirror. As is the case with all our models, the radius of the arc complies with international standards and meets accuracy tolerances without a doubt. Configuration / Scope of delivery: BSH approval Black 4x40 or 6x30 telescope Full-view or split-view Light-weight plastic case Rough Case or wooden case for additional charge For the most demanding jobs | PROFESSIONAL SURVEYING SEXTANT The surveying...

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CPSAILING The frame of the CPSailing is made of seawater-resistant aluminum. It can be equipped with a full-view or traditional split-view-mirror. The mirrors as well as the filters are made of high-quality materials and guarantee longevity and low distortion errors. Configuration / Scope of delivery: Black 4x40 or 6x30 telescope Full-view or split-view Wooden case SEXTANTS POSITION DETERMINATION PAR EXCELLENCE CASSENS & PLATH | SEXTANTS

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ORDER PROCESS In person Consulting services via telephone Configure your sextant Configure your sextant Detailed quotation Optional: Request a detailed quotation Production according to your wishes Produced according to your wishes Your sextant will be shipped Your sextant will be shipped Get in touch with us! Place orders here: Telephone: +49 471 483 999 0 Telefax: +49 471 483 999 10 E-Mail: Website: Or visit us at the Cassens & Plath compass house! Cassens & Plath GmbH Am Lunedeich 131 27572 Bremerhaven Germany CASSENS & PLATH | SEXTANTS...

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„Astro-navigation, navigation by the sun, the moon, and the stars, is the only absolutely reliable method of navigation for world-wide faring on the high seas." Bobby Schenk „The quality of the optics is second to none and the adjustable polarized shade glasses are one of the reasons why the HORIZON ULTRA is my favourite sextant" Tapio Lehtinen As a brand with a long tradition, Cassens & Plath, has been working with different people from the professional and semi-professional worlds of seafaring and sport sailing. The Finnish circumnavigator Tapio Lehtinen, for example, used the HORIZON...

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ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS With additional accessories and components you can customize your sextant to fit your personal needs. If you wish, we offer spare components and an all-around service through our workshop. PRODUCT AND REFERENCE NUMBER PROFESSIONAL BUBBLE HORIZON 47100 S (BLACK) 47100W (WHITE) PRACTICE BUBBLE HORIZON 44770 This artificial horizon is solely for practicing purposes. UNIVERSAL SIGHTING TUBE 44300 Zero magnification. Well-suited for double-eyed night observation. 4 X 40 PRISM-TELESCOPE 44000S (BLACK) 44000W (WHITE) Standard telescope for sextants. Simple mounting...

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