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Backlighting Integration

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Led Lighting Integration TOWARDS A NEW HORIZON Dear Customer, When LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology was born a big change occurred in the world of lighting. Many innovations and developments enhancing this technology followed. There was the need of a technology more suitable to the present, more respectable towards the world, more functional to man. Quickly we understood its huge potential since we have always looked for a better light. The interiors’ beauty must shine, the architectural choices have to be enhanced, as well as the materials’ value. Sincerely

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COMPANY PROFILE “You ask us the lights, we give you emotions.” The company Cantalupi was born in the heart of Tuscany in 1951 and immediately specialized in producing electrical systems. The company evolved quickly, harnessing technology with passion for excellence as it concentrated on its work on the luxury yachting field with professionalism and elegance, designing and building electrical systems for over 500 yachts. Taking advantage of this experience, in 1990 Cantalupi Lighting was founded, and the company soon became a success throughout the world by combining a masterful artisan...

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Backlighting is a way to enlight any type of surface from the back face, exploiting the full potential of any material able to transmit the light. LED systems, thanks to its size and technology, allows to increase the potentiality of this technique. It’s possible to backlit any kind of material. We can create thin light panels using translucent materials or natural clear stones, providing high quality, glare-free and pleasantly distribuited light. We can also create decorative panels made by opaque or inlaid materials. Backlighting can reinvent any type of ambiance: when the light is off...

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ome marbles, granites or precious stones, when calibrated in thin layers, increase their transparency without changing their natural colors and textures. The thin decorative layer of glass laminated stone combines its natural beauty with the excellent mechanical features of the support creating a single product that, together with the LED technology, gives elegance and conveys a unique athmosphere. CARRARA WHITE BRASILIAN BLUE GREEN ONYX HONEY ONYX DIRECTION FOR USE The main use for stone materials such as marbles, granites and precious stones, are the following applications: •...

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he Alabasters have an exceptional light transparency that makes them an ideal light diffusers (20% more than the opal glass). Backlit recomposed fossil stones can be an alternative to obtain a relaxing diffused light and to recreate walls with astonishing effects. EXAMPLE OF A PANEL NOT ILLUMINATED EXAMPLE OF A BACKLIT PANEL TRANSPARENT WHITE VEINED WHITE DIRECTION FOR USE The main use for stone materials such as alabasters, agate and precious stones are the following applications: • Architectural covering / interior design: walls or paneled walls, arches and vaults, medallions or walkover...

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ood, a material never illuminated so far, can be entirely integrated with light so as to create unique effects. This original and refined solution can be integrated with any element (such as doors, shelves, walls and furniture) leaving its design and beauty unaltered, adding a new appereance when backlight is turned on. Many types of wood essences can be used but their thickness cannot be more than 2 mm. Thanks to the LED technology, Cantalupi is now able to conceive, design and make real light effects through materials never used in lighting until now. DIRECTION FOR USE The main uses for...

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lass, where light has always simply passed through, becomes now a diffuse lighting source itself thanks to the new CNT technologies. Transparency comes to life and colors become furnishing light sources. The illuminated glass becomes perfects for shelves, shower boxes, doors, walls and tables. DIRECTION FOR USE The main use for glass materials are the following applications: • Architectural covering / interior design: walls or paneled walls, arches and vaults, medallions or walkover decorations, decorative inserts on furniture, shelves, desks and counters. Bathroom fixtures covering:...

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ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING PANELS he LED lighting panels are an innovation in the architectural lighting field, making possible applications that were unthinkable until now. The frameless panel now provides high quality, glarefree and confortable diffuse light makes decorative LED lighting an integral part of the furniture. This product can be customizable in different sizes and shapes and can be easily inserted into ceilings, tables, doors, shelves and furniture so as to create surprising effects. The frameless lighting panel is walkable, dimmable and compatible with existing automation...

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DECORATIVE LIGHTING PANELS he decorative lighting panels use luminous integration through translucent materials allowing architects and designers to shape the light depending on their needs while giving an artistic and unique atmosphere to the environments. DIRECTION FOR USE The main use for the decorative lighting panels are the following applications: • Emotional lighting / interior design: they can be integrated in any projects as direct or indirect lighting to create artistic effects.

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ACRYLIC POLYMERS he new technologies in the chemical research field produced a high number of new plastic materials used in various applications. The CNT light panel technology allows perfect light integration with these plastic products, and gives shape to materials that were without soul. Doors, tables, walls, desks, counters and floors come to life with light, creating futuristic scenarios. DIRECTION FOR USE The main uses for acrylic materials are the following applications: • Architectural covering / interior design: walls or paneled walls, ceilings or walkover decorations, decorative...

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hanks to our LED technology, we are able to backlight Corian®, an advanced resistant compound designed for architectural and furniture applications. This material is perfectly translucent if matched with a lighting source and thanks to its full versatility, is the ideal choice for elegantly illuminating all types of spaces. DIRECTION FOR USE The main uses for Corian® materials are the following applications: • • Bathroom fixtures covering: washbasins, jacuzzi covering, shower boxes, beauty consoles. Architectural covering / interior design: walls or paneled walls, ceilings or walkover...

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