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Panel fixing made easy ...when performance cannot be compromised • All-metal construction, diecast in durable ZL2 zinc alloy and fitted with a 316-stainless-steel retaining spring. • Ideal for use with fire-retardant panels and in environments where fire smoke toxicity is a concern. • Tested over 15,000 cycles to ensure faultless performance. • Quick and easy to install, like all the fasteners in the Button-fix family.

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The Type 1 Metal Button-fix connects parallel panels. It can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, either surfacemounted or rebated into the panel, and orientated for vertical or sideways assembly. When surface-mounted, the Fix creates an 8mm gap between the two attaching panels. Alternatively, you can rebate the Fix, to reduce the gap between the two panels to only 3mm. Button markers may be ordered separately to quickly and accurately align the Button-fix installation. The markers will leave indents in the mating panel surface, which can be used as guides to...

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