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BulDock Presentation

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BulDock is a high-quality modular plastic floating docks system, brand of Deep Dive Systems. The BulDock brand was born during the construction by Deep Dive Systems of the world-renowned art installation “The Floating Piers”.

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BULDOCK BRAND BulDock has a number of advantages over the established competition. Our products are created using the latest cutting-edge techniques and technologies to deliver safe, efficient and durable floating system solutions.

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BulDock strives to make your ideas come to life. Our formula for success is high quality, innovation and continuous design improvement. Let's build your dock!

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Our team of Bulgarian, Italian and French specialists is continuously refining the product to deliver modular floating dock systems of the highest quality, built to the strictest international standards. We also offer a fast and reliable service to assist you with installation and maintenance of the BulDock system.

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buldock advantages Made from 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Compatible with any seabed type Manufactured in Italy to the highest international standards Chemical- and impact-resistant material with UV protection against premature degradation Easy to use with virtually an unlimited number of build configurations A wide range of private and business applications

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Our modular dock system can be used in a variety of situations, from marinas and residential docks to events, leisure facilities, and construction projects. You can easily turn your shorelines into a helipad, water sports platform or even an art installation. Let your imagination guide you we'll do the rest. The BulDock systems can be used in a range of industrial settings, including repair and maintenance of bridges, harbors, canals, and other water-based objects.

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APPLICATION Marinas The BulDock modular docking system, thanks to its flexibility, can be used to configure a marina. It is easy to assemble and suitable for high-load capacity. Residential The BulDock modular docking system is a perfect addition to a cottage on a lake or a beach house. The ease of use, reliability and virtually limitless number of configurations will make our system an integral part of any waterside residence. Bridges and pathways Clunky wooden and metal bridges are a thing of the past. The BulDock modular docking systems can be used to construct bridges and pathways: safe...

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APPLICATION Leisure The BulDock modular docking system can be assembled into a number of recreational facilities, such as floating pools, fishing platforms, aqua parks, and floating holiday complexes. Events The BulDock modular docking system can make guests at your event quite literally walk on water. To everything, from a wedding near a lake to a beach party, our floating dock system can add a lot flavor to any occasion. Industrial The BulDock modular docking system can be used in a variety of industrial projects, including construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, canals, harbors, and...

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buLDock APPLICATION The innovative design of the BulDock jet slide system minimizes the maintenance costs as well as wear and tear of your boat. Quick to assemble, BulDock is created to simplify your life and enhance your experience on water, making it easy to dock, board and service watercrafts.

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We also offer a wide range of supporting services, including consulting, project planning, installation, and maintenance - all to save you time and effort. Our expertise and innovation-driven approach are what differentiates BulDock from conventional solutions. We make your ideas come to life!

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PROJECT PLANNING The BulDock expert team can consult and support you on a range of issues, from the initial project set-up to implementation, maintenance and dismantling. Let your imagination float! We will work closely with you to fully understand the requirements for your floating structure and build the dock of the right size, appropriate anchoring system and with the best set of accessories. BulDock can design and manufacture products and components to suit your unique needs, regardless of the water type, soil conditions, structural complications, and environmental issues. We make your...

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Our products come with a 10-year warranty for additional peace of mind. Regular maintenance can extend the lifetime of the system far beyond that - and our dedicated team of specialists can help with that. Installation BulDock offers comprehensive installation services. We only work with top-of-the-line equipment, from bottom-scanning tools and 3D models to pneumatic and hydraulic instruments, to ensure the best results for our clients. We also operate a company vessel and a barge for large-scale installations. Our team will take care of all the surrounding issues as well, including...

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Deep Dive Systems, BulDock's parent company, was the main contractor of “The Floating Piers” art installation, created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

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For 16 days, “The Floating Piers” was proudly on display on lake Iseo and was visited by over a million people.

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Deep Dive Systems was in charge of the end-to-end implementation of the concepts, including manufacturing, assembly and installation of the floating structures. buLDock

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It took 4 months and 220,000 cubes to bring the artwork to life. We built underwater systems with the capacity to hold more than 200 five-ton anchors in their positions with the precision of 10 centimeters from the set coordinates. Not only that, but the installation also took place at depth of up to 92 metes with the bottom slope of up to 50°.

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BULDOCK Deep Dive Systems Ltd BULDOCK Deep Dive Systems Ltd Via Arrigo Boito 8 200121 Milano ITALY office@buldock.com office@deep-dive-systems.com www.deep-dive-systems.com www.buldock.com Perla Park Complex 36, Okolovrasten pat Str. Sofia, Bulgaria +359 878 333 878 | +359 886 166 199 office@buldock.com office@deep-dive-systems.com www.deep-dive-systems.com www.buldock.com Photo credits by Wolfgang Wolz

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