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Brownie’s M A R I N E G R O U P Brownie’s Marine Group • 940 NW 1st Street • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 • USA Ph: +1 954.462.5570 • Fx: +1 954.462.6115 •

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Available In four models that seat either two or three people and dive to either 1000 or 3300 feet, Triton Is your ticket to the deep ocean. At the touch of a joystick you can journey to hidden reefs, secret shipwrecks and experience the many wonders of the deep. With our yacht Integration and training programs, Triton ownership is easier than you think. Triton Advantages • Minimum weight and volume and small deck footprint • Transparent spherical passenger compartment for excellent visibility • Superior surface stability with cata- maran hull mounted entrance hatch • Unsurpassed...

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Triton Submarines are subject to the world's most stringent safety testing The single most important criterion in selecting a submarine is that it must be certified by a known classification agency, preferably ABS as they have the most experience in regulating submarine design and construction. We tell our clients that "when the paperwork weighs as much as the submarine, the project is done." An exaggeration, but securing classification is expensive and time consuming. I sy' ' ■ ' 31 J perfect safety record and I '7\ W^^^^ * : I the world today. Tens of I ^B^^^ __j_|i / millions of passen-...

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Safe, secure and extremely comfortable: While you will find comfort in our perfect" safety record, you will be perfectly comfortable with ergonomie Triton design and layout. The fully air conditioned passenger compartment of the Tritor remains at surface pressure irrespective of diving depth, so the occupants experience no pressure change, The fully upright seating is comfortable for hours on end and the incredible viewing from the transparent acrylic sphere has no equal "It's nearly impossible to describe just how awe-inspiring the Triton is and how glorious it was to comfortably enjoy...

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The new standard of engineering excellence in luxury submarines: The Triton 3300/3 is the most versatile Triton that has been designed to date. It can take a pilot and two passengers in absolute safety and comfort to an amazing 3280 feet (1000 m). Two main thrustars and two vertran thrusters enable the Triton 3300/3 entirely by two large battery banks. Large 550mm acess hatch allows easy entry when boarding from yacht or surface tender. is the largest acrylic sphere ever made for a manned The main balast tanks provide superior freeboard and stablity, making boarding while on the surface...

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Beauty that is more than skin deep... Stunning new styling leaves no doubt that you are piloting the sexiest, most contemporary deep submersible in the world. This Triton Dive on wrecks, both ancient and contemporary, explore the myriad strange denizens of the Stygian deep or laugh in wonder at the r'S_\ antics of the brilliant fish that inhabit the tropical coral reef. A magic ocean world awaits you. fine Italian sports car. Form follows function, indeed. Coming soon - For the first time in history a luxury deep submersible will soon be available for purchase that will dive to 20,000 feet...

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FRITON specifications Cayman Island Registry of Shipping PLC based control & monitoring with touch screen interface oxygen metabolic make-up system with C02 scrubber Life Support: oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, refrigerant, temperature, humidity, cabin pressure, and all fluid system pressures. General: depth, water alarms, pitch, roll, heading, altitude, position (lat/long), vertical speed and velocity. Electrical: Voltage, Amperage, Amp hour capacity (fuel gauge), ground fault condition. variable ballast main ballast main thrusters vertrans thrusters operational endurance external...

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Triton Submarines has collected the finest, ■ most experienced talent in the civil submà- ^ rine business. Each member of the full time management and staff at the company av- erages 26.7 years of dedicated civil subma- rine and submersible experience. Including " ' part time staff the group collectively repre- sents more than 331 years of experience^ -H No competitor even remotely approaches this level of expertise.The Triton's incred- ' .■ ible level of competitive superiority is based on the tremendous operations experience n of the staff. We know what works in the ' subsea environment...

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Beyond Comparison i Take a close look at the features of our imnnrt-anf ff^afnm^ nf a mannari How valuable is your life and the lives of your loved ones? At Triton Submarines we spare no expense to build the safest civil submarines in the world to the most rigorous competition.-.You will see that The chart below compares Unobstructed forward Occupant's eyes Minimum possible size/deck footprint Maximum surface Cayman Island Registry Digital touch screen Reduced risk of subsea Submarine simulator Designed specifically Circumferential clamshe hatch that compromises freeboard S. viewing area...

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Base prices for the Triton series not including optional equipment: MINIMUM WEIGHT, VOLUME & FOOTPRINT Deck space is at a premium aboard a yacht and the Triton's compact design is only 10 feet LOA, less than half of most competitor's submersibles. This means the sub stows easily and is significantly easier to The main reason for owning a submersible is to experi- ence the incredible diversity of the ocean world and to do that you have to be able to see out of the sub effectively. The Triton's totally transparent passenger compartment provides unsurpassed viewing for the occupants. The...

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Digital proportional joystick control coupled to thrusters that move the sub in all three axes provides for unsurpassed intuitive maneu- STRY'S MOST ADVAN Triton is the only sub company that has invested in a deep sub- mersible pilot simulator for customer familiarization and pilot train- ing. Every owner is contractually obligated to have an operator successfully complete our in-house pilot and maintenance training program which sets the industry standard for effectiveness. Cus- tomer support is also available 24/7. The Triton designers and operations senior staff are the most experienced...

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