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NitroxMaker Commercial Series Nitrox has become the gas of choice for recreational diving the world over. The benefits range from increased no-deco bottom time and safety limit increases to a generally healthier post-dive feeling. Initially dive stores and technical divers "mixed" high-pressure oxygen and air directly into scuba bottles. Nitrox can now be generated continuously by processing low-pressure air and "filtering" out excess nitrogen. Brownie's NitroxMaker™ products are the most advanced and efficient systems in this category. They are the only "low- temperature" permeate output systems making them compatible with all major brands of high-pressure breathing air compressors. Only a true NitroxMaker™ can guarantee a output temperature of less than 90° F / 32° C. With a Brownie's NitroxMaker™, you simply dial-in your preferred nitrox in a range from 21% to 40% oxygen content. The NitroxMaker™ constantly samples the gas being produced at both the permeate output point (membrane) and at the outlet of the high-pressure system. The outlet temperature is also constantly monitored and integrated into a fault circuit warning with automatic shut-down. The produced gas can be used to fill scuba tanks or can be stored in high-pressure "banks" for future use upon Brownie's NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series (NM-CS) systems are designed to be completely modular and extremely robust. The NM-CS line incorporates a Kaeser Rotary Screw Low-Pressure Compressor/Refrigerated Dryer/Accumulator Tank/Purification System rated for 24/7/365 service with annual maintenance schedule. The NitroxMaker™ system is integrated into the Kaeser package for simple "modular" addition to conventional high- pressure breathing air systems. Essentially the NM-CS is an instant upgrade to most dive store and dive boat operations and comes complete as a single unit. NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series comes in 3 standard size ranges; The NM-CS-10 is designed to mate with high-pressure systems from 3-10 HP/CFM. The NM-CS-20 for 10-20 HP/CFM, and the NM-CS 30 for 20-30 HP/ CFM. Brownie's' engineering department can design system for you integrating your existing resources. For detailed diagram of components included in the Brownie's NitroxMaker™ CS-10 please see the reverse side Brownie's Marine Group, 940 NW 1st Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 954-462-5570

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Components included in a Brownie's Commercial NitroxMaker™ Series 10HP Rotary Screw LP compressor - is precisely matched to the size of the high- pressure compressor. The compressor provides the drive gas that will flow through the NitroxMaker™ cabinet. This compressor can serve double duty by also providing ship's air for applications. Advanced Filtration and Refrigerated Dryer remove impurities and moisture to ensure only the highest quality air flows through the system. NitroMaker™ - The operator designates the desired nitrox mix, the system does the rest. Clean air is converted into...

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