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Diving Made Easy!

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Electric Variable Speed Diving Systems Our proprietary Variable Speed technology constantly adjusts the compressor speed to meet the divers’ demand for air. During low demand, the compressor speed is reduced, conserving battery power. During high demand, the speed increases to produce maximum volume. The VS technology has been adapted to create Floating Hookah systems, Portable Hookah systems and systems that can be mounted in your boat. Variable Speed Floating Hookah Diving System The VS Floating Hookah Diving system gives you the freedom of a floating hookah set without the need to carry...

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Build A Brownie’s Built-in Boat Diving System At the factory, at Boat Shows and on the beach people are always making suggestions as to how to make a better Brownie’s System - and we have listened. What we’ve heard is that everyone has their own diving needs. Now, Brownie’s has come up with a way you can build your very own custom Brownie’s Built-in Boat Diving System. The E150X system for 1 diver includes: .75 HP TEFC electric motor/single head direct-drive compressor assembly, an impact resistant pan with storage cover, 5ft heat hose with in-line particle filter, (1) 60ft down line with...

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Gasoline Powered Diving Systems Brownie’s Floating Hookah Diving Systems offer the freedom to dive when and where you want without the use of conventional scuba equipment. By replacing bulky scuba tanks and traditional buoyancy compensators with Brownie’s Drop Weight Cummerbelts™ and float-mounted compressor, divers can enjoy hours of fun exploring the underwater world. F285X & F390X Deluxe Hookah Diving System The Explorer F285X and F390X systems are equipped with Subaru’s 4.5hp 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine and Brownie’s special Direct Drive compressor. The F285X single head compressor...

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Brownie ’s Catalogue 2016 - 6

CHARGING PORT WITH COVER SURFACE SUPPLY HOSE CLIP SWIVEL FITTING Mini Scuba Egressor™ System Our patented Egressor™ systems ride along in a handy sleeve in the small of your back; out of the way, yet always convenient. It’s also perfect for quick response for items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, pool maintenance, and much more! PRESSURE GAUGE BURST DISK EASY GRIP HAND WHEEL Mini Scuba Egressor™ Features: • Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ with retention sleeve • Choose between 6 cu. ft. sleeve and tank for the average diver or a...

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YACHTPRO™ Series Compressors The Light Duty YachtPro™ compressors are designed to support groups of 2-4 divers for recreational use, filling up to four tanks simultaneously. These compressors offer small boat owners all the convenience and automated performance of our larger compressor systems, but in a very compact package. Simply attach the tanks, start the compressor and come back later to tanks that are precisely filled and ready to go. The YP25 is available in single (SF) or dual (DF) filter models to meet various needs.

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