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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 3

For over 30 years Brownie’s Marine Group has specialized in designing, building and installing diving solutions that are specially tailored based on needs and integrated into the overall vessel plans from conception. Brownie’s uses state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modeling to design complete systems that will meet all of the diving needs of the passengers and crew, as well as the exacting space and power requirements of the vessel. Whether your diving needs require a basic tankfill system, built-in hookah or a full dive locker, Brownie’s can design and build a diving solution that will be...

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 4

Engineering & design services 2D & 3D Inte g rated Eng ineering Solutions Today’s dive systems are an integrated part of the yacht itself; therefore, the best result may only be achieved if the plans for them are included during the beginning concept portion of the project. To accomplish this, our staff reviews the basic diving goals provided by each customer and suggests an efficient, functional allocation of space for consideration during the “general arrangement” plan. After basic spaces are marked for Ship’s Air, dive systems and support, we produce a 3D rendering depicting the...

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 5

Yacht Protm series Compressors Light D uty M O D E L The Light Duty YachtPro™ compressors are designed to support groups of 2-4 divers for recreational use, filling up to four tanks simultaneously. These compressors offer small boat owners all the convenience and automated performance of our larger compressor systems, but in a very compact package. Simply attach the tanks, start the compressor and come back later to tanks that are precisely filled and ready to go. The YP25 is available in single (SF) or dual (DF) filter models to meet vatious needs.

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 6

Yacht Protm series Compressors Medium D uty The YachtProTM45 offers powerful performance in a compact footprint. The YP45 is our M O D E L smallest fully-automated compressor system rated for continuous duty service and can fill everything from individual scuba tanks to high capacity storage bottles. Its compact design provides more placement options than other compressors of similar capacity. This system is also compatible with the NitroxMakerTM.

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 7

Yacht Protm series Compressors Heavy D uty M O D E L The YachtProTM 55 and 75 compressors are designed for the diving enthusiast and feature the best performance and materials available in a unit up to 30% smaller than comparable systems. These compressors offer faster fills of scuba tanks and storage bottles and are compatible with NitroxMakerTM and mixed gas blending technology. The YP55 & YP75 are also available with Securus® filtration.

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 8

Yacht Protm series Compressors Brownie’s YachtProTM 135 compressor is designed for the extreme diving enthusiast. It is a continuous duty compressor that offers our fastest fills of scuba tanks and air storage systems. The YP135 can easily be integrated with NitroxMakerTM and mixed gas blending technology for a system capable of supporting serious dive exploration. This model also features the Securus® breathing air filtration system for significantly improved filtration capacity. Securus® Filter Monitoring All YP135 compressors include Bauer’s Securus® filter cartridge monitoring device....

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 9

Yacht Protm series Compressors Our smallest and most affordable fully automated HP compressor Our most popular automated compressor system for private use - great for diving enthusiasts, recreational divers and small groups Excellent medium duty automated compressor system - our smallest compressor rated for continuous duty Heavy-duty automated compressor system for advanced diving applications Heavy-duty automated compressor system for advanced diving applications Marinized workhorse suitable for commercial/ expedition applications Fill Time* Electric Motor Brushed Stainless Steel Brushed...

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 10

NITROXMAKERtm series Nitrox with Triox O ption Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ is an easy-to-use nitrox station designed specifically for yachts. This system is capable of producing and analyzing nitrox mixtures from 21%-40% with the turn of a dial. Simply choose the appropriate mixture and the NitroxMaker™ produces the gas using a high-efficiency semi-permeable membrane system that operates at a remarkably low temperature. This method of nitrox production eliminates the need to carry bulky and potentially hazardous Additionally, by utilizing a membrane that does not require high-temperature heating...

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 11

NITROXMAKERtm SPECIFICATIONS C omponents of a NitroxMaker™ System The Rotary Screw LowPressure Compressor provides the gas that will flow through the NitroxMakerTM. It is precisely matched to the size of the HP compressor and is capable of providing ship’s air for other applications if necessary. The Refrigerated Dryer/Filter removes impurities and moisture to ensure only the highest quality air flows through the system to the NitroxMakerTM. The Low-Pressure Air Storage Tank provides the volume of LP air necessary to drive and maintain the needed pressure for the NitroxMakerTM. The...

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BMG Tankfill Product Catalog - 12

Rotary Screw LP Compressor - is precisely matched to lhe size of lhe high-pressure compressor. This compressor provides Hie drive gas trial will Dow through the NilroxMaker'" fdh Advanced Filtration and Refrigerated Dryer ' remove impurities and moisture to ensure only Lhe highest quality air flows through lhe system. desired nitron mix. the system does the rest. Clear air is convened tnlo ntirox mixtures from 21% lo Digital oxygen analyzers monitor lhe produced gas to ensure accuracy. Produced nitron gas flows rjireclly into the high-pressure compressor intate. High-pressure Compressor -...

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