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YSX45E All Electric Yard Crane Spreader - 6 Pages

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YSX45E All Electric Yard Crane Spreader

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Product Information YSX45E All Electric Yard Crane Spreader Load combinations with YSX45E Bromma telescopic spreader YSX45E for yard cranes is an all-electric mid-range spreader with a mechanical structure calculated for two million cycles. The spreader is as standard equipped with 4 x 10 metric tons lifting lugs in the corners of the end beams for heavy lifts and for handling damaged containers. The spreader shown is customized with extra equipment indicating the position of the twistlocks and landing pin status. Made of high quality European steel, the YSX45E spreader provides high lifting capacity with a low nominal tare weight thanks to the box design of the telescoping arms and the The spreader consists of a rectangular frame construction enabling easy location on containers. The spreader can adjust its length to lift 20ft, 30ft (option), 40ft and 45ft containers using ISO floating twistlocks. The all-electric spreader reduces power consumption to approximately 1/10 of a hydraulic spreader. The electrical motors only consume electricity when an operation is performed. The electrical equipment and the cable chain system are well protected in the main frame. All motions of the spreader are controlled from the driver’s cab and there are provisions made for signals in the cab main frame. It is designed in accordance to EN 13001. All components can be easily assembled, adjusted, removed and are accessible for inspection and maintenance. YSX45E is a silent alternative for most applications, particularly in environmentally sensitive terminals. Removing the hydraulics also reduces the risk of hydraulic leakage in the terminal. The spreader can be equipped with the SCS4 Spreader Control System, reducing and preventing downtime through improvements in the area of electrical connections. It will also shorten downtime through faster spreader fault diagnostics. 90% reduction of power consumption (compared to a Easy to maintain and long service intervals Fulfils design criteria for EN 13001, DIN 15018 H2B4, hydraulic spreader) High reliability with all-electric function Stops accurately in all positions Durable and strong despite low weight Silent and environmental friendly FEM 1.001 and British Standard BS 2573 We reserve the right to change the design and technical data without prior notice. © 2015 Bromma – All rights reserved. PI- YSX45E - e

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Telescoping System Pedestal bearing Shock absorber Endless chain Tension rod Tension rod The endless chain is fitted with a Bromma design shock absorber at both ends. The shock absorber is designed to dampen the effects of impact on the spreader structure and components due to loads imposed to the spreader ends. The telescoping system’s ability of absorbing extreme loads mechanically provides the end user with a highly reliable spreader with increased life even under extreme load conditions. The flexibility in the system allows for changes in spreader length up to ±15 mm when handling...

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Guide Arms This enhances the possibility of monitoring each I/O point and reduces the number of cables needed and the replacement time for connecting sensors and actuators to the controls. CANopen box For reliability reasons Bromma recommends the use of 24 V DC on all controls. The spreader is equipped with four fixed guide arms to guide the spreader onto the container. These are located one at each end of the long side of the spreader. The guide arms are fastened by means of bolts and nuts and a bar that fits to a slot in the end beam. The bar prevents the bolts from shearing off in case...

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Monitoring and Diagnostic System SCS4 For monitoring and diagnosing, the YSX45E can be equipped with the SCS4 Spreader Control System (option). The SCS4 can communicate with host controllers by a wide variety of protocols. The rugged SCS4 control unit is equipped with a bright touch screen and mounted on the spreader for easy access. Monitoring and diagnostics can be available in different ways; on the screen, on the crane, through a web interface via an external PC, a handheld computer or via Bromma Greenzone applications. The SCS4 system delivers advanced monitoring and diagnostic...

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We reserve the right to change the design and technical data without prior notice. © 2015 Bromma – All rights reserved. PI- YSX45E - en, Rev 05, November 20

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Technical Data Lifting capacity: (According to EN 13001, HC2, HD1, U7, Q3) Bromma products and services, visit the Bromma website at For nearest contact and latest information on We reserve the right to change the design and technical data without prior notice. © 2015 Bromma - All rights reserved. PI- YSX45E - en, Rev 05, November 2015

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