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Environment Concerns

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EPDM 513 (Germany, Italy) Exclusive license granted to BREEDT • • • • • • High quality, zinc-free EPDM Formulated for marine environment European Union standards (REACH) Accepted by WA St Dept of Fish and Wildlife Durometer: 80 ± 5 Shore “A” scale Excellent resistance to Seawater Sunlight Oxidation Compression recovery: Excellent Abrasion resistant: Very Good Temperature range (Fahrenheit): 150˚ F to -60˚ F Exceeds lifetime testing range of 30 years Water absorption is negligible left : Breedt Floating Wheel Fender EPDM 513 middle: tire fender 15 years in the Duwamish River right: new tire fender abandoned tires osborne reef one of 200 sites worldwide “I have more than 25 years’ experience in the port and marine industries, and have been puzzled and dismayed by the continued use of old tires as fenders. Mr. Breedt has done something to address this inefficient and un-ecological practice.” Steve Sewell Governor’s Maritime Industry Sector Lead Washington State RUBBER TIRES IN MARINE ENVIRONMENTS Although repurposing used tires keeps them out of landfills, chemicals leaching from tires—like zinc and organic hydrocarbons— can actually be toxic to aquatic animals. Juvenile fish are particularly vulnerable; chemical toxicity can cause them to lose equilibrium and die. “EPDM 513” R.E.A.C.H. Certified Approved by Pacific Northwest Salmon TESTING FOR TOXICOLOGICAL EFFECTS Breedt contracted Northwest Green Chemistry (NGC) to review the formula for EPDM513. Lab researchers exposed juvenile salmon to submerged blocks of EPDM513 and equally large chunks of used tire. The study concluded that fish exposed to EPDM513 showed no signs of toxic exposure, and all of the fish survived the study period. In contrast, nearly all (97%) of the fish exposed to the tire died within the 96-hour study period. BEST INTENTIONS Artificial reef projects using repurposed tires have failed, polluting waters around the world. Millions of tires that were intentionally placed decades ago are now being retrieved. TIRES ARE TOXIC. TIRES ARE UNSTABLE. When used tires break down over time, they release heavy metals into the environment that is toxic for marine life. MORE THAN A FENDER Breedt Floating Wheel Fender is #1 design choice for experimental floating wetlands in the Pacific Northwest. According to scientists, 200 artific

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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors--we borrow it from our children. Native American Chief Seattle fendering for planet earth Oceans and rivers are resources of beauty and bounty with economic impact in the billions. We must protect our natural resources and the maritime industries. BPT Design, LLC Green Marine Solutions Andries Breedt, owner Mobile: +1 206.380.4805 Email: abreedt@bptdesign.com Breedt Green Marine Solutions spearheads a global collaborative dedicated to "fish friendly" marine solutions, featuring new designs and best materials at a reasonable price....

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